Zombie Apocalypse of Earth
Location Earth
Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth Federation

Template:FlagGR Global Risk
Scp SCP Foundation
Template:FlagUN United Nations
USAResized United States of America
Russia Russian Federation
Chao The Chaos Insurgency
Template:FlagBL Black List

Template:FlagBlitz Zombies
Commanders and leaders
Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Grant Gerard DuGalle Calliope

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz Vassily Aleksander Petrenko
Template:FlagGR Global Risk commanders and leaders
Template:FlagUN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon
USAResized President Barack Obama
Russia Vladimir Putin
Chao Chaos Insurgency leader
Template:FlagBL Black List commanders and leaders

Template:FlagBlitz Blitz leaders and commanders Atlas

Giant Predator

UEF Armed Forces

Global Risk Military

  • OMOH
  • SWAT
  • SAS
  • GRX
  • Others

SCP Foundation Mobile Task Forces

  • Epsilon-11
  • lambda-2
  • Xi-8
  • X1-13
  • Omicron-6U
  • Omicron-9
  • Omicron-11
  • Pi-1
  • Omega-7
  • Omega-15

UN Military

United States Armed Forces
Russian Armed Forces
Chaos Insurgency Strike Forces
Black List Military

Blitz Military Undead
  • Side-Effected Nano
  • Sprinter/Hunter
  • Dread/Reaper
  • Slug/Green Hulk
  • Smoke Nano/Ink Zombie
  • Blades-wielding Ghosts
  • OMOH zombies
  • SAS zombies
  • SWAT zombies
  • Scorchers/Bombers
  • Weapons-wielding Zombie Platoons/Squad Leaders
  • Giant Dreads
  • Giant Slugs
  • Assassins
  • Sand Maidens
  • Dark Demons/Big Undead Gorillas
  • Jumpers

The Zombie Apocalypse of Earth is a zombie-human conflict. It was started when Black List personnel pours chemical weapons, causing the horrors to rise.

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