Headless hunt you down, to the very soul. Your head is hunted by fearest thing in the world. Your hunger and lies catch you down You seen him. He see you. Your head is gone.

headless is giant like 3.28 meter high. He is extremly fast that he sometimes goes backwards. His hands is huge, that he can throw things and ripping things. He lives around city full of war and dead war. He's eyes is red and he has a head. But same as Faceless. If he hunts you he will go after you. Nothing can go on his way. He goes after you. You will feel sick because your lies and secrets catching you down. If he got you. He takes your head and eat it. His body is form for a demon.

Headless vs MTF

MTF was on a mission finding a guy. He was drugged and killed several people. MTF was going to a place there was world of war. Many bodies had no heads. And some bodies had no legs at all. "What the hell?" Said one of the MTF. The member couldn't know how that happen. But they said "move forward!" so they move and found a gun, and a pit blood around it. They was confused and thought he was dead. "If he's dead we're going find his body for SURE!" They all walked to a path of blood. Then a flying body flew to a MTF. One of the MTF takes throw the body and said "Are you alright?". But the MTF had no head. All MTF was suprised and one of them said " What the fuc..." And his head was off. There was only one MTF again. And he saw Headless. "Who are you?" asked MTF. "rellik" said Headless. MTF didn't understand what he said. But he tried. "Said it again, and said it slower." asked MTF. "ytast si deah uoy". Said headless. "What did you said...?" Said MTF. But he saw Headless came to him. then was gone. Then came back And crushed MTF's head.

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