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    July 25, 2013 by ZhukohaGreen

    Headless hunt you down, to the very soul. Your head is hunted by fearest thing in the world. Your hunger and lies catch you down You seen him. He see you. Your head is gone.

    headless is giant like 3.28 meter high. He is extremly fast that he sometimes goes backwards. His hands is huge, that he can throw things and ripping things. He lives around city full of war and dead war. He's eyes is red and he has a head. But same as Faceless. If he hunts you he will go after you. Nothing can go on his way. He goes after you. You will feel sick because your lies and secrets catching you down. If he got you. He takes your head and eat it. His body is form for a demon.

    MTF was on a mission finding a guy. He was drugged and killed several people. MTF was …

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