The First Blog Post is Now Open for Comments, as we need Comments to Give Opinions for our Mortal Selves.

Unidentified000: Damn mouse! *Whips keyboard with mouse*

Unidentified000: Well there went a couple keys.

As our rules tell you, we make sure that your A/B/C/D class prisoner, SCP, or Agent is appropriate for this wiki and ones similar to this one. As we do not want "Mary Sues" or "Gary Stus" on our wiki, due to this being a SCP wiki and not a "MS" wiki. Along with ones that are more fond in a nursey rhyme or childrens book, due to the nature of our website, powered by wikia. And not "Nuckia" for ourselves.

If you want images, you have rights.

Biohazard Logo by ConspiracyofSilence

A fine piece of nothing at all.

SCP 2019 2

This is a dangerous threat and should be executed.

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