Taylor Wilson
Mr. Wilson

Wilson (far right) in the military police, 2 (two) years before his Foundation recruitment
Rank Security Guard
Affiliations SCP Foundation security department
Nationality American
Status Hospitalized
Birth July 22, 19███ (age 24)
Sex Male
Height Approx. 6 ft
Weight Approx. 160 lbs
Build Athletic
Marks Many scars littering body, fading burn wound on right cheek
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Race Caucasian
Weapon Glock 17, stun baton, P90
Equipment Combat armor

SECURITY OFFICER TAYLOR WILSON is a member of the SCP Foundation's security department. Due to 1 (one) 2 (two) site transfers, Wilson has served in Site-14's B-1 security force, Site-19's A-5 security force, and Area 53's head security force.

Background information Edit

According to his birth certificate, Wilson was born in central New Jersey on July 22, 19██ to ██████ and ██████ Wilson. In a psychological evaluation, Wilson revealed that he was disowned and thrown out of his house at the age of 16 (sixteen) for drug abuse, and spent the next 2 (two) years of his life drifting and street-fighting, until eventually joining the military police and serving on the force for another couple of years. Wilson's impressive skills as an officer was noted by a Foundation agent working at the academy, and the man was recruited into Foundation security at age 20 (twenty).

History with the FoundationEdit

Wilson has, as of ████, served in the Foundation for approximately 4 (four) years, subject to several aforementioned site transfers and security incidents. These incidents include 4 (four) Class-D riots, multiple breach scares, 2 (two) lab accidents, and a single full-scale containment breach (Incident-2384). His small role in assisting these situations have given him a respected reputation among Area 53's staff. Officer Wilson is currently hospitalized after a minor Class-D riot.