The objects retrieved by the CEO are suppressed and transported to the SCP Foundation for safe keeping. The Bio-Organization has no effective means of containing the objects and is therefore forced to hand them over.

A note to all Foundation personnel that all SCP's currently revealed are property of the CEO.
Bio Organization BG 2

Symbol of the BioOrganization

CEO's Major SCP ListEdit

SCP-2000 "The Dark One"

Class: Euclid

Level Clearance: 4

Special Containment Procedures: The object must be contained in a 8x8 room with a diameter of 12x12. The room must be brightly lit in order to prevent the object from moving. When in light fixture, no fewer than 3 personnel are allowed in the chamber with two armed with high intensity flood lamps to keep the object static. Third personnel is required to replace the batteries of the lighting fixtures with modified AAA+ batteries. This object must be monitored weekly.

Description: SCP-2000 is typically described as a humanoid in a dark green pre-WWII era businessman suit. Albeit the unique appearance, its capabilities consist of "moving" at an alarming speed of nearly 397 km/s. However, when the object is in contact with light, it ceases movement and when not observed it attempts to move. Its skin pigmentation is gone resulting its pale facial appearance, it lacks eyelids and its iris' are not visible. Its mouth appears to be contorted skin either stapled, or surgically moved to that of a wide smile.

~"It can move in the dark but stops when in light, when not observed it moves. This thing is just a whole new level of freaky..." - Prof. Gustave

SCP-2012 "Stone of Power"

Class: Safe

Level Clearance: 5

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be contained in a 50x50 meter room with the diameter of 25x25. The object must be telesthetically suppressed to reduce the energy spike proximity (782 cm). At this time, testing with inanimate objects is strictly prohibited (See addendum 2012-05-13)

Description: The object is a large sphere-like stone with the material of granite, cinnabar, obsidian and multiple unrecognized materials. There are perfectly hexagonal shapes engraved on the stone along with symbols in which most are not decipherable. Subjects who touch the object undergo severe disorientation and seizures in 4-6 minutes, for the remainder of the time subjects are unconscious for 12 minutes. Subjects will have enhanced traits, most of the following are perception, agility, intelligence, durability, strength and psychological strength. Once subjects are extracted from the object out of its proximity these enhancements are halved and become permanent. All personnel are advised to avoid using inanimate objects for physical contact.

Possible Origin: There has been a small debate whether SCP-2012 originated from another area. Mostly the debate commented that these "symbols" engraved are either languages from other worlds, since they do not match any paleo-indian nor Mesoamerican language. Energy traces on the object however concluded this debate mainly because it is the same pulsar dust from SCP-1548.

~"You know, this could be useful for strengthening the D-Class and using them for other SCP's if you think about it." - Dr. [REDACTED]

SCP-2017 "Possessive Statue"

Class: Keter

Level Clearance: 5

Special Containment Procedures: The object must be secured in a telesthetic suppression field to prevent it from exiting its visible state. The pulse emission systems must not be turned off at any time as it reduces psychological influence in other subjects. The object must be monitored on a weekly basis. On a breach protocol no fewer than 10 guards heavily armored with two operating the P.E.C.S to stun the object and temporarily disable psychological attacks. The containment site for the object must be 128 meters below surface and it must not reach any human settlements within 2 sqr miles.

Addendum [REDACTED]/2013: All photos must be confiscated and disposed of due to influence percentage.

Description: SCP-2017 is a large ornate bronze statue, however due to the amount of corrosion and malformation it is currently not possible to identify its point of origin. The statues head is malformed and distorted into a what appears to be the facial structure of SCP-2017. The object cannot be seen once it has exited the statue and the only possible way to detect it is by looking through transparent objects such as glass and plastic. It is capable of possessing organic and inorganic material, therefore it is considered a top-priority to contain this object. A strange memetic property of SCP-2017 is that it is able to influence and control personnel who view it, all photos must be confiscated and disposed of.

Expiration Process: Once SCP-2017 has taken control of a subject, the host appears normal however the energy signature is unscalable which concludes it to be the object. However, after several minutes the host's skin begins to wrinkle, blood pours from the mouth and ears. After an hour the host's limbs are severely weakened and the skin merges with its flesh to possibly make up for durability. After several minutes, the host may have likely died before this stage because the body now has more violent blood ruptures it then leads to the object forcibly exiting the body causing it to explode.

Addendum [REDACTED]/2013: Personnel reported headaches and nausea when in proximity with SCP-2017's chamber.

Addendum [REDACTED]/2013: An additional anti-teleshetic barrier is placed to prevent the mind-affecting properties of SCP-2017.

Attempt #1: Attempted thermonuclear detonation in Site-S 2. Test was unsuccessful, the object managed a full recovery after the blast. 27 casualties in attempt to contain it.

Attempt #2: Attempted hypersonic pulse emission systems, the object was displaying a great level of aggressiveness after the test. Test under investigation, pulse emission systems proved useful for immobilizing SCP-2017.

Attempt #3: Attempted termination for the use of 076-2. Test unsuccessful, SCP-2017 was capable of possessing 076-2 and proceeded an attempted containment breach. Separation between 2017 and 076-2 proved successful. 87 casualties, 108 injured.

Attempt #4: Attempted termination with the use of intensified pulse emission systems. Test under investigation, intensified P.E.S' can effectively immobilize the object. However unsuccessful since it made the object far more aggressive and erratic.

Attempt #5: Unauthorized attempted termination with the use of I-PES and SCP-682. Test unsuccessful, SCP-2017 seemingly "absorbed" the telesthetic shockwave of the I-PES and was able to completely possess SCP-682 causing multiple containment breaches. ~ "Who's the wise-ass that started this termination protocol? Find him and kick him out" - Prof. Leonard

~"If there ever was a face of evil, we are looking right at it..." - Dr. [REDACTED]

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