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Only photo known of The Shadow Man

The Shadow Man is one of the main operatives of the Chaos Insurgency. He has done more damage to the Foundation than anyone has ever hoped to do.


The Shadow Man was one of the only people of the Chaos Insurgency who had not been a part of the Foundation. Instead he grew a hatred towards them when they took his father from prison to be a Class-D and then accidentally killing his mother when she went to beg for him back. He was taken into an orphanage straight away and grew up isolated from the other kids there. At the age of ten his town was raided by the Chaos Insurgency when they were searching for an escaped SCP. They stormed the orphanage when they heard crying and killed everyone there. When they reached the last room they saw the look the boy gave them and took him with them. He began training straight away but they saw his talents lied in strategy and they moved on to that. He went on his first mission at 20 and he brought down Site-89 by himself. He once had D-904332 working for him. His current whereabouts are unknown other than brief sightings around America.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

The Shadow Man is an extremly good stragetist and can even think several steps ahead of his opponent. He is poor in any type of fighting either melee or long distance, but he is equipped with a SIG500 Assualt Rifle. He is expectionally agile and can run for great distances without tiring.