The Goo Man is a Keter class SCP,he is 2,5m tall creature made of Goo he has red teeths and pure black eyes. His skin is light green. He can go through small spaces, such as cracks, small holes , door spaces , etc. He cant go through water or fire. He stays in a room with one window and some flame-throwers on the walls.

Backstory Edit

He was a man who was injected with chemical experiments. The experiments made it mutate and turn into a goo. Then locked in a secure room.Then he escaped and attacked everyone, after the attack he was placed in the room (mentioned above)

Skills/Powers Edit

He has power to turn himself into a puddle of goo so he can get into tiny holes. Rarely he can find someone because of his slow speed. After finding someone he will crawl in the roof and look every move of the opponent.

How To Stop Edit

To stop him you have to you have to stay still until he goes away. Or run into somewhere with water or fire.

Warning:This is my first SCP so do not expect too much from me.

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