Figure A: Sketch of speculated logo of The End.

The End is a GoI that came to Foundation attention on 12/21/2012 following reports of men and women in hazmat suits handling anomalous objects in █████, ████████ (now classified as SCP-███). According to interviewed civilians, the subjects' intent was to "enlighten" the city of the Mayan Doomsday Apocalypse.

The End' leaders are currently unknown, and all attempts to locate a base of operations have been uncussessful. Each member wears the same appearance hazmat with a tinted visor (see figure B) and what is presumed to be the GOI's logo (see figure A). The End attacks areas in groups of around 40-120. Through the usage of anomalous objects, The End attempts to trick civilian populations into believing that the world is ending. Examples of which are objects that produce images similar to that of hologram technology to objects that deploy a psychological-based memetic agent. Group attacks happen randomly across across all continents, excluding Antarctica. To date, over 80 The End-related events have been recorded.


Figure B: The End members readying a chemical-based memetic agent outside a community in Florida, USA.

Common themes in attacks by The End include the Illuminati, Earth's collision with theorized planet Nibiru, solar flares, and tsunamis. Various other themes have been recorded and new ones are observed in roughly a fifth of all monthly cases.

"To questions concerning the minimal resources spent on the The End: They might be scaring people shitless, and to death in a few instances, but they're hardly a threat compared to other GoI's. Several shipments of amnestics are much cheaper than what we need to clean up after some of the other groups."

-Dr. C.