Hello, I'm glad to see you've found your way aroung to our Terms of Service page. Please read through these carefully, as any infractions WILL result in some sort of punishment.

General Rules

Cursing excessively Cursing excessively is an annoyance towards staff and wiki users. It can also lower the appeal of a page by making it look as if it's some sort of foul language dictionary. Swearing excessively can, and most likely will end you with a suspension from the wiki for the administrators desired amount of time.


Insults are quite self explanatory. Overuse of insults during Role Play will be met with a ban, one or two is fine to get a point across, but don't create a problem by using them excessively. Any insults based outside of Role Play will be met with an immediate ban hammer over the head, pending the discovery of said insult.


Griefing ANY pages or any messages placed upon Message Walls is strictly prohibited. And will be delt with severely.


Spamming wiki comments on articles, in chat, or on any other kind of wiki messaging system is prohibited. This includes.

  • Asking permission for something over and over, after clearly being told no.
  • Creating "Adventure" comments on articles. Role playing should not be done, AS much in the comments as anywhere else.
  • Repeating the same message over and over, ANYWHERE.

In the instance of chat, this will be met with a kick, anywhere such as articles or message walls will be met with at least an hours ban, further infractions will be delt with accordingly.


Threats, outside of Role Playing situations are not to be used. During Role Play they are perfectly fine, so long as you do not overuse them.

Decieving administrators

This one is also quite self explanatory. Lying to an admin or chat mod will NOT be tolerated. Any infractions of this will lead to a ban, based on:

  • The amount of time you tried to deceive the administrator.
  • How many times you have attempted this.
  • How often you attempt this.


Trolling, of ANY kind, will be met with an immediate kick if used on chat, or a short ban from the wiki if on an article or message wall. The second offense will be met with a longer ban, and the third a permanent ban.

False accusations

Any false accusations, or accusations without sufficient proof, will not be tolerated, especially if directed at an Administrator.


Any arguments or discussions about religion are prohibited, and will be met with a short ban resulting discovery. Further infractions will result in longer bans each time arguements or discussions are discovered.


Posting pornographic images on this site is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, upon discovery the user will be blocked from using the wiki for at least a year. Any images such as random, comedic, or "demotivational" type pictures are allowed, but please keep them within reason.