The SSMD is an unknown military organization found and hosted by the CEO. Its intentions are not clearly identified but the goals and objective of the soldiers are clear. The most notable soldier in this division is a Delta squad member Sgt Maj. Eric [REDACTED] for his military proficiency in demolitions, marksmanship and survivability. Other advisors of the SSMD are not known and there are HVA's (High-Value-Agents) working in this divison as well. The SSMD is was an experimental weapons academy hosted by Leonard [REDACTED], until the CEO took the organization his own.

Objective & GoalEdit

It's not clear what are the goals of this military organization is, but there were guards that protect highly secured or secret areas, for example, Area 51. The soldiers are genetically modified super-humans specifically designed to withstand small to medium forms of firepower, they are known to be extremely intelligent and resourceful soldiers. The SSMD may be standoff as the 'most powerful military on the planet'. The CEO is also known to play as a sergeant in training.
IMG 0865

SSMD Operative guarding the entrance to [REDACTED]


The solutions used to create these soldiers isn't clear and most of the modifications in organic tissue is incredibly complex. The enhancements were known as GE-C. 24 and is advised to not enter restricted property of the SSMD. Lethal force is authorized if any individual enters without proper clearance. This solution can be easily shorted out and must not be exposed to oxygen or hydrogen.

Sgt Maj. Eric [REDACTED]Edit

Eric was part of the super-human experiment and is likely the first soldier of the SSMD who survived the surgeries, passed military training and undergone the HETC (Hazardous Environmental Training Compound). There are some notable features of him, some consist of his height, military stradegy, intelligence and a 'Tank' soldier. The implantation progress allowed him to perform actions quicker and react quicker in his environment.

Name: Eric [REDACTED]

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Rank: Sergeant Major class I

Position: Military strategist, Delta squad 'Leader'

Height: 7 ft. 8 in.

Hair color:  Black/Brown

Eye color: Before: Hazel/ After: Light Green

Weapon(s): MGAR-M. 53, M1911 Colt. pistol, EMPD-Mk. III (Signature weapon)

Status: In Action, via ATC (Advanced Training Center)

Affiliation: SSMD, SCP Foundation

SSMD TechnologyEdit

The SSMD is the most technologically advanced military division and with potent molecular genetics, their soldiers are SSMD property and satellites across the world is occupied by the SSMD secretly. Any property stolen, replicated, or told public the individual will be hunted down, prosecuted and will serve as D-Class for the SCP Foundation. Usually, the prosecuted individuals are taken to a highly secured prison. However, the weaponry are extremely illegal to be used in battle and war. Most of the advanced weapons are flechette, plasma, energy-based, and high-velocity rounds that can kill civvies. The vehicles are PAD's (Power-Armored-Devices) and are used in clean-up or search&destroy missions. Despite the fact that the SSMD is popular because of its league in technology, they have never visit extrasolar planets nor visit space.

UEF Military ProjectsEdit

The SSMD sufficiently supplies the UEF MP's to create and mass-productivate biologically enhanced humans. Meaning these humans are to be superior in strength, agility, intelligence, durability and perception naturally. While the project is under-way, the SSMD are as well trying to experiment this project on their own. Inevitably, the project may not be successful and the deadline is close enough to suspend the project. However, the SSMD isn't able to fully succeed in the project because of the possible outcomes of 'monsters' during transformation. In the words of Dr. Windhoek, "Genetic modification materials must be sanitized before initial 'injection".

Involvement in Military ProjectsEdit

The SSMD is chronologically and the first organization to develop super-human troopers. Specific details in supplies for the UEF is a decent supply of GE-C. 24 (Genetic Enhancer - Chromosome. 24). This is a gene-splicing enhancer in which most subjects experience muscle and psychological discomfort and is advised to stay clear of injected subjects. The possibility of some energy-based weapons designed to render a hostile stun-locked are some weak ark energy weapons. While the possibility of developing these weapons is highly-likely according to some records in plasma and energy weapons.

Data-Log 6-[REDACTED]' "Genetic modification process"

Prof. Joel: "What is the possibility of some of the humans transforming into [REDACTED]?"

Dr. Windhoek: "If I'm correct... *Shuffling papers* Hmm, I'd say 45%"

Prof. Gustave: "What about Patient-6?"

Dr. Windhoek: "What's his condition?"

Prof. Gustave: "Patient-6 is undergoing severe stages of swelling and possibly tuberculosis"

Dr. Windhoek: "Any change in behavior?"

Prof. Gustave: "It is becoming more aggressive to SSMD staff."

Dr. Windhoek: "Termination protocol is authorized if subject attempts to escape, keep it in site-4."

Prof. Joel: "About the UEF's super-soldier project..."

Dr. Windhoek: "I'm listening."

Prof. Joel: "Their team doesn't have any experts in advanced biological science sir-"

Dr. Windhoek: "Then what do you intend to do?

Prof. Joel: "Provide assistance?

Dr. Windhoek: "You may send one of our experts to assist the UEF projects, we have other matters to deal here. However, how is patient-7?"

Prof. Joel: "Gradually forming"

Dr. Windhoek: "Good, keep the regular dosage at 200..."

Trivia Edit

- Did you know, the SSMD's GE-C 24. is loosely based off of the EVE Hypos seen in the rumored city, Rapture?

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