Vemrimy Callorsin: ... ... ... Connected Location: [REDEACTED] Hometown: Kentucky, [Data Explunged] Age: 23 Gender: Male Special Note: All other Security MUST be careful incase of Containment Breach, do not lose sight of Callorsin Description: Vemrimy Callorsin is 5' 10 and is to be assigned to guard the Class-D cells at all times, shifts are 10 PM - 5 AM. If any Containment Breaches happen during these hours MUST be reported to O5 Command immediently. Any and all messages sent must be printed, and kept in a Secure, On-site Vault only O5 Command and him can access, anyone else in there must be Terminated on sight. Saturdays and Sundays must be review days, Saturday is Printing day, Sunday is Re-brief day. SCP-106 is his assigned post during SCP-106 containment breach, no exceptions made! S:VC-056 - C-D:CC - Class-D's are a little too calm SCP-035:CC - Yeah, got nothing from 106:CC for a while now SCP-106:CC - Sorry, got caught up from 106 getting wound-up C-D:CC - I'll be there if 106 escapes


C-D:CC - Talk to all after Evac Heli's are gone.

                      -C-D:CC, SCP-035:CC, SCP-106:CC has left the server-
                                     -End S:VC-056 Log-

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