Keter class. Scp 999-X is a 3-meter-tall, thin, humanoid creature resembling a Wendigo, but having 3 rows of hard bone matter sprouting from its back. it has 2 large, deer antlers sprouting from its temples. Its skin is drenched in blood, smells horrid, and hardly ever bathes, as it dislikes water. Its horns are drenched in blood. Its 2-meter-long arms have 3 inch long clawed fingers drenched in dry, caked blood. It has long, thin, strong legs made for chasing prey, and a skeletal appearance. It loves to fingerpaint, using its long fingers to paint extavagant symbols and markings. It is able to speak in english, Mayan, and thru its fingerpainting. It has a wide, lipless mouth filled with sharp, cutting teeth made for eating human flesh, its favorite food. It's always on the edge of starvation, but is immortal. It is classified as a he, as male genitalia has been found under its bloody leather loincloth.


It was first brought to the foundation from alaska during a large winter storm, when people in a small, isolated, unnamed town started dissapearing when they went into the surround ing woods at sundown. It has a highly cunning intelligence, as it showed when Scp Field agents came to capture it, as it picked them off, one by one. Scp 999-X was finally captured when a young boy learned the beast's true name, [Data Expunged]. they where able to lure it out of hiding by saying its name, which brought it running, searching for its name. It was trapped in a special rune painted on the bottom of a cage set as a trap, but at the cost of a high mortality rate. It was found to be able to be calmed and kept from killing and eating people by giving it large amounts of eggnog and alcoholic beverages, putting it in a drunken, harmless state. It is considered highly hostile, but safe when in its drunken state.


It is rowdy, kind, and gluttonous, always searching for food to eat. it has tried to eat some of the main characters, but has a hatred for those who have taken its humanity away from it, mainly, America, so it HATES Lily Fletcherson. It will try to get its hands on her any chance it gets.

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