Scp 666-X, can roam around the facility, but otherwise must stay in a ventilated 10x10x7 meter room with reinforced plexiglass walls and ceiling. It is to be fed 1 kilogram of raw meat and organs (especially hearts), but will share its meal with any D-class or other Scps. Scp-173 is to be let into Scp 666-X's chambers when Scp 666-X is distressed, as it says Scp 173 is a good conversation partner. If this doesn't work, Scp-999 is to be released into its chamber.


Scp 666-X is a 5-meter-tall shark-like, humanoid male creature with a mass of tentacles sprouting from the back of his Yaujta-like head with strong shark teeth and matching bite force. Scp 666-X's has strong, 4m long arms ending in 5-fingered hands with curved, ursine claws made for catching fish and seals. He claims that he hails from Ryleigh, the homeland of Shub-Niggurath,  Yog-Sothoth, their child Nug, and its children Cthulu, Hastur the Unspeakable, Kthanid, Cthaeghya, and Hnarqu, and Cthulu's children Ghatanothoa, Ythogatha, Zoth-Ommog, Cthylla, and T'ith. He asks to go home every Christmas to his family, deep beneath the sea. He commonly requests meals of crab, squid and seal meat as a special treat, but ice cream or bacon will do in a pinch!

Scp 666-x is to be treated with respect, as he is about 280,010 years old, but in Cthuluan years, he is 28, and acts like a kid. He loves to give hugs to anyone and anything, even Scp 682! That takes balls, and lots of painkillers.


He was found 10 years ago, wandering around the coasts of [Data Redacted], looking for his family. He came peacefully, but asked if he could see other Scps, like 682, for instance, in fact, he asked to personally see Scp-682 the first time he saw him. He also is able to temporary materialize Scp-1473 into a physical form temporarily thru turning binary code into DNA code, thus, making it real (temporarily, at least).

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