Keter class.  Scp 4616 is a strong, quadropedal, reptilian creature about 2m. long, with a thick, strong head, and has the ability to spray an areosolized mist which soaks into the flesh, straight to the bone, causing Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, (F.O.P.) which causes the bones of those affected at a phenominal rate. After 24 hours after being sprayed, the body of the affected begins to ache severely, as the bones slowly fuse together. After 48 hours, the lower body is immobile, making them unable to walk. After 72 hours, the entire skeleton is fused together. Scp 4616 then uses a digestive enzyme in its saliva to literally strip the body of flesh, leaving a macabre statue that is devoid of all flesh.

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