The Wiki

This wiki can be used by anyone, simply make a character account, write down a little information about him/her/it and you're set!


Welcome to the SCP Roleplaying Wiki. 

This wiki is used for roleplaying about the SCP Foundation, along with it's thousands of SCP's. 

Users who make an account here will be able to create a character, such as a D-Class, Guard or SCP from the foundation. Give it a personality and write a bit of information about him/her/it, and there you go, there's your character.

Please read the Terms of Service before creating a character, to see the required standards of this wiki.

Administrators and people to contact

Scarlet MarinesFounder

MTF Unit -2481Administrator


GriffinSanders - Bureaucrat

Maria Carlos - Administrator

Seadrus - Administrator


"This is a roleplay based on the SCP Foundation, licensed under Creative Commons CC 3.0-SA"

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