About The SCP FoundationEdit

SCP artifacts pose a significant threat to global security. Various agencies from around the world operate to maintain human independence from extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional, and extra-universal threat. In the past humankind has been at the whim of these bizarre artifacts and similar phenomena, but we have now reached a point in history where we can begin to control and contain these defiances of natural law.

The Foundation's GoalsEdit

  • Observe preternatural phenomena and develop new theories of science based on their observable behavior.
  • Contain potentially dangerous phenomena.
  • Develop safety procedures for dealing with all future phenomena.
  • Observe, detain, and destroy any one or any thing preventing us from accomplishing the above-stated goals.

SCP ReportsEdit

One of the most essential functions of the Foundation is to compile and consolidate information about artifacts in our possession, or observed outside of our scope of influence. This information can be found in their database .

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Mobile Task Force Units and Other Security OfficialsEdit

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The SCP Foundation is massive. Because of this, they tend to make many connections with others to increase their own people, whether they be giving out contracts or uniting allies to create a barrier against any enemy.

  • Special Service Military Division: The division created by the Bio-Orginization was given a contract that states that if "Any property [is] stolen, replicated, or told public, the individual will be hunted down, prosecuted and will serve as D-Class for the SCP Foundation".