Scp 3000

A pile of SCP-3001 while it's in it's cubicle.

Item #: SCP-3001

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3001 should be kept in a 4x4 glass cube. If used for examination, proceed wearing gloves or the effect of SCP-3001 will take place.

Description: SCP-3001 is a medium sized pile of blue dust, the size of a Lego Brick Remover. It was made in the foundation itself when a subject broke out of SCP-914's cubicle and killed all surrounding staff members. Eventually, the subject dissolved into blue dust and blinded the team nearby. A guard came over to help but was immediately knocked out upon contact with SCP-3001. When the guard woke up, he complained of a pain down his leg. The pain turned out to be red dust that started from the thigh to the ankle. The guards knee was skinned off for examination. SCP-3001 appears to be able to talk as it can shift itself into the former subject's face. The interview is as followed.



Dr. Westler: Welcome, SCP-3001. It is nice to see you here.

SCP-3001: (molds itself into it's former self's face) Thank you for bringing me here. Now. What do you want to talk about?

Dr. Westler: Is it ok if I take a single pinch of one of your---

SCP-3001: Grains? Sorry, sir. My grains are off limits to anyone.

Dr. Westler: Wait. How did you just---

SCP-3001: Read your mind? Go ahead and take a grain if you want. Just one the size of a pinhead. Bigger than a pea and I'll force myself onto your leg.

Dr. Westler: Alright. (takes a pinch) Huh. This is pretty sharp. It feels like a thous... ...a thousa... ...a tho... (slumps onto the desk)

SCP-3001: I think that was more than a pea. Don't you think?


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