This page is for Level 4 Agent access ONLY. Any unauthorized personnel will be arrested and implanted with SCP 6666-04 and will be used as D-Class.

Name Edit

SCP-6666, unofficially referred to by agents as "Lemoneyes".

Classification Edit


Special Containment Procedures Edit

SCP-6666 is to be contained in a cell of concrete and be injected with a regular dose of at least Class B Suppressants. The entity is to be chained to a concrete wall. Any testing and/or entering with any personnel other than D-Class is forbidden unless approved by the O5 Council. Stay at least 9 feet away when observing, as his influence will extend to you without suppresents.

Description Edit

SCP-6666 appears to be a 3-foot caucasian male with sizable lemonlike eyes and wearing a balloon hat from the early 1970's. He has sharp teeth and a small wool coat.

History Edit

January 17, 2005

Reports of a "Killer Boy" arrived at the Foundation, peaking the interest of a few Field Agents.

May 9, 2006

The family of [Redacted] in [Redacted] was killed by a small boy as reported by [Redacted]

November 12, 2006

Field Agents [Redacted], [Redacted] and D-45389 were dispatched towards [Redacted]. All disappeared without a trace with the exception of D-45389 who reported seeing a distinct human boy with lemonlike eyes that made the heads of the Field Agents bleed until they died of exsanguination. D-45389 was given amnestic's and shipped towards another facility in [Redacted].

June 7, 2007

Another team was dispatched to where reports of the SCP were present in [Redacted] armed with assault weapons and amnestics and consisting of Field Agents Smith and Conrad. They were never heard from again except through the radio.

Smith: Sir, we are nearing the location.

Dr. [Redacted]: Very good, Smith.

Conrad: Matt, I think I saw a kid over there.

Smith: It's nothing, just keep an eye out. Probably some kids playing snowball.

Dr. [Redacted]: Smith, just keep an eye out.

(A child's giggle is heard over the radio.)

Conrad: SIR, WHAT IS THAT!?!

Dr. [Redacted]: Keep calm Conrad.

(Blood is heard splattering.)

Smith: Conrad!!

Dr. [Redacted]: Smith, what happened?

Smith: Sir, Conrad is bleeding, he's dying!

Dr. [Redacted]: Smith, just relay the information to me.

Smith: I see a boy!! I see a boy sir! He looks bloody, sir get me out of here!

(Bone is heard tearing apart.)

Smith: AGHAGH!!

Dr. [Redacted]: Smith? You hear me?

(White noise is only heard.)

October 27 2007

A team carrying suppressants from every Class were dispatched. Classes E-C failed, but Classes B-A successfully neutralized SCP-6666. He was taken to [Data Expunged] where tests were performed.

Behavior Edit

SCP-6666 is intent on killing in order to gather "Life Energy" which he feeds on. It is unknown what is this, but "interviews" with SCP-6666 says he will never die if he has it.

He is also obsessed with trying to get out, often mind controlling D-Class and trying to hack into the Supercomputer. This puts extra importance into keeping him suppressed, as he can control anybody within an 8 foot radius.

Additional Forms Edit

SCP-6666-01 Edit

or referred to as "My Eyelings" or "My faithful minions" by SCP-6666, is created by the entity laying eggs which often hatch within 2-3 seconds. They are miniature versions of SCP-6666 and is not to be underestimated. Kill at first sight.

SCP-6666-02 Edit

or referred to as "Explodies" by SCP-6666 are created from a metamorphosis performed by certain eyelings, they contain a bag of sulfuric acid on their bags, and explode when provoked. Shoot in the head at first sight.

SCP-6666-03 Edit

or referred to by "Alphalings" or "Eyekings" by SCP-6666, is another special type of eyelings created from an egg. Unlike SCP-6666-02, they are made by the same procedure as SCP-6666-01. They cannot explode nor attack, but secrete mind-controlling parasites known as SCP-6666-04. They burrow into the host's brain, and take over all motor functions and thinking. The hosts are then connected to a collective mind hive connecting SCP-6666 and all of his created minions and offspring. There they can be ordered by SCP-6666 into his bidding. They are now a permanent part of the hive and now an SCP-6666-05. Kill at first sight. Edit

SCP-6666-04 Edit

or "Lemonsites" as referred to by SCP-6666 are single-celled microscopic parasites that are released in masses and take over a host's brain. They are secreted by SCP-6666-03. No extraction can be made to remove the parasite as SCP-6666-04 has already shut down the host's lungs and feeds it oxygen in order for the host to survive.

SCP-6666-05 Edit

or "Human Eyelings" as referred to by SCP-6666 are hosts of SCP-6666-04. They are completely under the control of SCP-6666 and can be from all species of animals. Kill at first sight.

Inquiry Logs Edit

The interviews were made by [Redacted] and Dr. Malone. This has been compiled by Dr. Bright.

Inquiry 1 Edit

Inquiry 1 was made by [Redacted] towards SCP-6666. The Inquiry was approved by the O5 Council and made 5 feet away from the humanoid entity. Edit

[Redacted]: So, SCP-6666, why were you killing families all over [Redacted]?

SCP-6666: I suck the life energy from them.

[Redacted]: What is this "Life Energy"?

SCP-6666: How many years they lived, how much time they have lived, comes to me when I or my minions kill them. Life Energy extends my life.

[Redacted]: Then why do you kill the children?

SCP-6666: Simple. Bait. When the children die, their parents come a' runnin', then, the entire family is called. They gather at the funeral. They say "Oh no! She died!" Then, I simply kill all of them.

[Redacted]: Why?

SCP-6666: To me, they are nothing but cattle or rice.

[Redacted]: Why are you so cold? Why so cruel?

SCP-6666: If cattle or edible plants could talk, they would say the same thing to your kind.

[Redacted]: Ani-

SCP-6666: Mal. Yes, I know what you were gonna say.

[Redacted]: H-

SCP-66666: Ow? Well you 56 year old, talk first.

[Redacted]: How do you know I am 56?

SCP-6666: Because you are standing in my radius of influence.

[Redacted]: Why is my nose bleeding?

SCP-6666: Simple. I made it bleed.

[Redacted]: I-I have a horrible headache, aahh...

SCP-6666: I am splitting your skull apart. Goodbye, [Redacted].

[Redacted]: Ugh, ah, CRAAH!!!!

[Redacted] was found dead with his skull open. The footage was fried, but the audio somehow survived. From this day on staff are now required to stay 9 feet away from SCP-6666.

Inquiry 2 Edit

Inquiry 2 was conducted by Dr. Malone.

Dr. Malone: Hello SCP-6666.

SCP-6666: Hello human.

Dr. Malone: What is your name?

SCP-6666: I do not have one.

Dr. Malone: The staff have been calling you Lemoneyes. Can I call you by that name?

SCP-6666: Call me whatever you want.

Dr. Malone: Okay Lemoneyes, first, why are your eyes like that?

SCP-6666: I was born with it.

Dr. Malone: The Scientists over at the [Redacted] say you are not naturally human, but also not naturally alien. Can you explain this?

SCP-6666: My parents were human, but when I was born I was different.

Dr. Malone: How different?

SCP-6666: Eyes. Teeth. I was a freak and a stone cold killer. I do not need food or water, I only needed life energy. So I killed everyone in that delivery room, and the entire hospital over at [Redacted].

Dr. Malone: Why did you kill all of them?

SCP-6666: I only had one hour's worth of Life Energy left.

Dr. Malone: Do you use life energy in the womb?

SCP-6666: Yes.

Dr. Malone: Then how did you live all throughout the pregnancy?

SCP-6666: Killing my triplet when he was 2 months old. Then, 2 months later, I killed my triplet brother when he was 4 months old. I had 6 now. So, I fed off of my mother's immune system, gaining me the months that I needed. That's why she had diseases so easily.

Dr. Malone: (Dr. Malone pauses) Were your siblings normal?

SCP-6666: Yes.

Dr. Malone: (Dr. Malone is silent for a few minutes.) Thank you for your time.

SCP-6666: Goodbye.