Item: SCP-4000

Object class: Safe

Containment procedures Edit

SCP-4000 is currently free to roam to Site-17 since it doesn't seem dangerous and also doesn't seem to have any desire to escape and is also very friendly. It is actually unknown how to contain SCP-4000. If seen SCP-4000 must be terminated ahe trapped once it come out of its host and put in a box or something that can contain him.

Description Edit

SCP-4000 is a humanoid of 2 meters tall. Its face is a camera, its eyes are black and white and has sharp teeth. The rest of its body looks like a normal male human.

It was then discovered that SCP-4000 is a humanoid camra face guy. SCP-4000 minuplate people taking the complete control of them. The person will then become like the funny of before. SCP-4000 can talk in english as a regular as a human obtains a great strength that gives him the permission to destroy every type of material, however every time he uses this super strength the body becomes weaker until SCP-4000 needs to rest for a long period of time .SCP-4000 is able to expel itself from the host's body whenever it wants. Once SCP-4000 left the host's body the host's face will tune back to normal. SCP-4000 seems also able to read the minds of its hosts obtaining their memories and knowledges.

Addendum 4000-A Edit

Dr. ███: Hello 4000.

SCP-4000: Hello doctor, what pleasant surpris. What's the occasion?

Dr. ███: Well, I wanted to make you some questions.

SCP-4000: Go on.

Dr. ███: So, what are your origin?

SCP-4000: *doesn't respond*

Dr. ███: 4000?

SCP-4000: ......I don't want to talk about this...

Dr. ███: Ok, next question. Do you have any power?

SCP-4000: Yes.

Dr. ███: Can you describe me your powers?

SCP-4000: I'll show you.

SCP-4000 comes out of its host's body revealing its true for.

Dr. ███: What the...у

SCP-4000: Surprised, doctor?

SCP-4000 jumps onto dr. ███'s face and enters in his body passing through his and becoming him.

Addendum 4000-B Edit

After infecting dr. ███ SCP-4000 escaped from Site-17. It then went to various sites causing many breaches. It also had a conversation with SCP-035, 457, 953 and a sort of conversation with 106. All the SCPs except 4000 were re containe. SCP-4000's location is actually unknown but it seems that it joined to the Serpent's Hand since during various breaches the agents of the Serpent's Hand named the boss of the operations called P.W., that could stand for "Purple Worm".