SCP-2635 "The CEO" Edit

Item #: SCP-2635

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures Edit

SCP-2635 must be contained in a titanium-steel framed, 25x20x30 meter cell, along with three pieces of furniture, being a bed, table and chair. The cell must be magnetically pressurized and securely locked to prevent the object from escaping. If the object is not in its containment cell, HS orbital satellites are to constantly monitor the object to determine its location, and send a containment team consisting of no more than 5 field agents.

Due to this object's ability to exit its own containment cell at its own will, it is vital to keep a constant watch on the object and contain it. As of now, the only known suppressant for this object is magnetism, and therefore Field Agents should use SMD-7's to prevent SCP-2635 from attempting to flee.

Description Edit

IMG 0874

SCP-2635 appears to be a large humanoid, age and facial appearance is undetermined due to its jet black skin tone. Its eyes appear to be bright yellow/orange. The object is 2.65 m in height and 266.26 kg in weight. SCP-2635 wears a beige, heavy trench coat along with a 50's era fedora.

Several termination instances have been made, and the object seems to survive almost every method. Gunshots seem to go through SCP-2635, any attempt to try and force the object into these methods proved pointless as it seems to 'teleport' away from the area. Even with the use of SMD-7's, the object preemptively exits the Site, causing the containment team to find and capture SCP-2635.

Personality Edit

SCP-2635 has displayed a variety of sarcastic, patronizing and condescending tones in most of the times he has spoken with Foundation personnel. In a couple of interviews, the object has stated vaguely of its origin and has shown to be cooperative in some instances.

The object seems to have no sense of hesitation to perform ruinous or destructive actions, and therefore should be contained whenever possible. All interviews and discussions with SCP-2635 must be approved by level 5 research personnel, and the approval of Dr. Leonard.

Incidents Edit

Incident #1: 01/11/██: SCP-2635 has made a total of 7 containment breaches. Over the course of 2 months, the object has been successfully contained in its cell.

Incident #2: 03/09/██: SCP-2635 has breached containment and made contact with a total of 10 objects and escaped sites ██,████,██,██.

Incident #3: 04/18/██: SCP-2635 has breached containment, and managed to break out at least 16 Keter-Euclid Level SCP objects loose. This containment breach is responsible for the deaths of nearly thousands of research and MTF personnel. Further containment procedures have been suggested for SCP-2635.

Interview Edit

--[ INTERVIEW 1]--

> Interviewed: SCP-2635

> Interviewer: Gerald Leonard

> Foreward: This interview was conducted to learn of SCP-2635's origin under a supervised environment.

> <Begin Log, 01/02/██, ███>

> Leonard: "Good evening SCP-2635."

> SCP-2635: "Sup?"

> Leonard: "Relatively typical, how is your cell so far? Up to your liking?"

> SCP-2635: "[Object looks around the room for a few moments before responding] I guess it could use a bit of paint, unless you plan on scraping whatever's in that room to use as wallpaper."

> Leonard: "I guess I'll take that as a no, regardless. Do you recall where you originated?"

> SCP-2635: "Well... Sort of. In space I think? I don't remember that much, I must've been on a rock."

> Leonard: "Is there anything specific you remember? Like what you remember seeing?"

> SCP-2635: "I don't know man, all I remember was I sitting in a rock in space! I'd might as well link it to the shrooms!"

> Leonard: "... Thank you for this discussion."

> SCP-2635: "Anytime, Leon."

> [After the interview was concluded, the object managed to exit the containment cell and Leonard initiated an alert to the containment team.]

--[ INTERVIEW 2]--

> Interviewed: SCP-2635

> Interviewer: Gerald Leonard

> Foreward: This interview was conducted determine the erratic decision made by SCP-2635 to breach, and make contact with several SCPs under a supervised environment.

> <Begin Log, 01/02/██, ███>

> Leonard: "Greetings, SCP-2635."

> SCP-2635: "What's on your mind today?"

> Leonard: "Would you explain to me why you constantly breach containment?"

> SCP-2635: "It's a hobby now! I need the daily exercise, and it's my choice to get my manly rippings!"

> Leonard: "That doesn't explain why you've gone out of your way to aggravate the other objects in containment."

> [A brief silence took place for approximately 6 seconds before Leonard continued.]

> Leonard: "And please, be honest with me, why do you think this is a good idea?"

> SCP-2635: "... Well, I guess I just do it for the hell of it. Kind'a nice meetin' the other peeps down here, especially nice meeting that dead-looking woman!"

> Leonard: "..-Who might you be referring to?"

> SCP-2635: "Jeez, you don't know your 'objects'? Might as well take some lessons from the Count!"

> Leonard: "What is the designation of this object you encountered?"

> SCP-2635: "That is just misogynistic! I understand that 2629 might look like a little dead, but you have to admit she's got personality. And quite frankly I'm not sure when's the last time I seen a dead woman 'that' intimidating... Aside the other one."

> Leonard: "I see, what are the other objects you 'visited'?"

> SCP-2635: "A lot of 'em actually, would you like the KG approach from 1 to 2999?"

> Leonard: "Just get to the point."

> SCP-2635: "Well, you're no fun..."

> [Another silence takes place for 14 seconds until the object responds.]

> SCP-2635: "Okay, fine, sheesh. You types are the most boring. I met 2629, course you knew that, then I met 079, the old basterd which I think is 106-"

> Leonard: "What were you doing with SCP-079?"

> SCP-2635: "Decided to ask some questions, but I got bored when he decided not to respond... Damn floppy disks..."

> Leonard: "Anymore objects you visited?"

> [The interview was soon concluded after SCP-2635 explained the list of objects he made contact with. In total, the object contacted 017, 079, 106, 343, 371-X, 682, 999, 1124, possibly 1548, and 2629. Additional containment procedures were made for SCP-2635.]

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