SCP 2019 2

SCP-2017 "Possessive Statue" Edit

Item #: SCP-2017

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures Edit

There is to be no interview or any form of interaction with the object at any time.The object must be contained in an airtight, 10x10x10 steel container suspended in the air via steel cables. The containment cell is held over a 10 meter hole, (to slow down the object in case of a breach) and steel-frame bridges to encircle the cell for the daily checkup. The bridge must be monitored for any possible damage after the daily checkup to avoid delay for the next checkup. This cell must be built 32 meters below the surface, and the entire lower levels must have R.P.Es (Remote pulse emitters) to minimize its chance of escape. The containment cell must be constantly monitored to inspect any damages or cracks outside the steel layers. The P.E.S (Pulse emission system) must always be running, and to be faced directly at the containment cell in order to prevent the object causing psychological attacks, therefore, staff must exercise caution nearing its cell; as the minimum distance kept from the cell is 3 meters. Daily checkup on the E.M.S is required for the protection of personnel studying the object, and the minimum time of studying the object is 20 minutes.

Description Edit

SCP-2017-1 appears to be a lead statue, similar to the Michelango's David in terms of design. The object dates back to the 13th century, it has been theorized the statue was in ███,Greece. The statue however, was found in a deceased owner's home in ██████,████ after reports of hikers disappearing near the property. The statue appears to be malformed around the facial area, and red streaks appear across its body.

SCP-2017-2 is the object that inhibits the statue, for reasons unknown. It is an almost invisible entity that attacks via "possession" or psychological attacks. Most experiments have been unsuccessful and the object continues to show increasing aggression to staff and other objects. SCP-2017-2 appears incapable of speech and most of its communication sound similar to animalistic grunts and growls. For unknown reasons, the object can be seen through materials such as plastic and glass, therefore, the containment team must be equipped with specialized riot helmets and tracking equipment to detect and contain the object.

Experiments Edit

Experiment #2 04/15/██: SCP-2017-2 has been forced outside of SCP-2017-1 into Test Site-█. Two guards have been placed outside the testing area armed with PED's focused on SCP-2017-2 in the case of it attempting to breach. On-site Class-D personnel were instructed to wear riot gear helmets to identify the object, and were told to place several objects in the testing area.

  • Item #1: A small cardboard box.
  • Result: The object lifted the box into the air and crushed it.
  • Item #2: Eastern Chipmunk.
  • Result: The object observed the rodent for 20 seconds before it lifted the creature into the air, and [REDACTED].
  • Item #3: Nokia E71 Black Steel.
  • Result: As D-78105 tried to browse the phone, its signal has been scrambled, and the screen to the phone shut off after 50 seconds when in close proximity of SCP-2017-2.

NOTES: SCP-2017-2 seems to have a hostile reaction to organic life and can affect sensitive mechanical devices. I still don't get why it didn't attack the Class-D... ~Leonard

Delayed Experiments Edit

Experiment #5 12/04/██: SCP-2017-2 was to be forced outside of its containment cell into SCP-682's enclosure in an agitated state. Leonard hypothesized that since the object is a non-corporeal entity, and if irritated could potentially neutralize SCP-682. However, this experiment has since been on hold by O5 Command, as it could possibly lead to multiple Keter-Euclid level containment breaches.

Failed Experiments Edit

Experiment #1 02/11/██: SCP-2017-2 was forced outside of its cell to Test Site-█. The guards' PEDs shut off momentarily, and gave SCP-2017-2 the opportunity to breach containment. This led to the deaths of 13 guards, 4 research personnel, and injured 27 research personnel.

Experiment #3 06/01/██: SCP-2017-2 breached its containment box as it was being transferred to Test Site-█.The guards could not react in time and this led to another containment breach. The object killed 20 guards, 2 research personnel and injured 18 of the latter.

Experiment #4 10/18/██: Several guards were placed near the containment cell of SCP-2017-2, and one of the guards, under SCP-2017-2's influence, shut off the PES', and led to a containment breach. The object killed 2 guards, injured 1, and injured a few research personnel. Agent █████ was [DATA EXPUNGED] by SCP-2017-2, and in the camera feed, seemed to be completely immune to the PEDs.

Communication Edit

Audio transcripts received from SCP-2017's cell consist of an audible, frequent, and low-note vibration in the audio. Further investigations revealed that these vibrations may have likely come from SCP-2017-2, and the main researcher Leonard hypothesized that it is likely its' only form of speech. The vibrations seem to change frequency and pitch, it's probably a form of Morse code, noted main researcher Leonard. As of now, only a few vibrations have been decoded.

  • Audio Transcript #1-06/02/██: "Release me"
  • Audio Transcript #2-06/07/██: "Darkness claim thee, permit thou doom"
  • Audio Transcript #3-07/11/██: "Thou deities cannot match mine" (Undecipherable)

Interview Edit

> Interviewed: SCP-2017-2

> Interviewer: Gerald Leonard

> Foreward: This interview was conducted to determine SCP-2017-2's point of origin under a supervised environment.

> <Begin Log, 11/20/██, ███>

> Leonard: "... Good evening, SCP-2017-2"

> SCP-2017-2: [Object did not respond.]

> Leonard: "Do you mind explaining to me where you are from?"

> SCP-2017-2: [Object did not respond.]

> The Object did not respond nor caused an incident for 3 minutes.]**

> Leonard: "... Well, I guess we'll take our time."

> SCP-2017-2: "Where I hath arrived, affects nothing."

> Leonard: "Pardon?"

> SCP-2017-2: "I exist, to correct."

> Leonard: "Really? Who are you correcting?"

> SCP-2017-2: "The incorrect."

> Leonard: "... Sounds vague, and why?"

> SCP-2017-2: "The purpose of the incorrect, is to be corrected..."

> [The interview has been concluded after the object has continually used this phrase as an answer to Leonard's questions.]

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