Item #: SCP-2000

Object Class: Euclid


SCP-2000, saluting Foundation personal after being discovered.

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-2000 is permitted to interact with Foundation personal and have access to areas of Site-19 that required Level 2 security clearance. At all times, at least one security team are to be escorting SCP-2000 to prevent any chances of possible defection, security breaches, or containment breaches. In the case of any emergency that requires an armed response, SCP-2000 has gained authorization to use any needed equipment to assist SCP security forces or any MTF unit, particularly Nu-7. In any other situation, SCP-2000 is to be placed inside her containment cell and guarded to prevent her from escaping or getting harmed by any other hostiles. If at any time, SCP-2000 begins to disobey orders from a commanding officer or shows signs of defection, she is to be incapacitated and taken out of the action zone. In cases where SCP-2000 has become hostile, all assigned security teams or available MTF units are to immediately transport her back to her containment cell and keep her locked down for twenty four to seventh two hours until she has calmed down and returned to her natural state. If SCP-2000 is on the surface without official permission, all available combat units are to engage her on sight and force her back inside where she will be contained once more. SCP-2000 is held in a containment cell 10 meters by 15 meters with a television set, table, desktop computer, bookshelf, wire-frame bed frame with spring mattress, toilet, shower, and sink. For security measures, SCP-2000 is to have separate ventilation, heating, A/C, water, and electrical systems. Class-Ds are required to perform a monthly cleaning of her cell. SCP-2000 has gained permission to request any film, novel, or gymnasium equipment to occupy her time.


SCP-2000 appears to be a Caucasian female between the ages of sixteen to twenty and stands at a height of 5'11. She has short, straight walnut brown hair that she constantly keeps trimmed using requested hairstyling equipment. SCP-200 has dark emerald green human eyes and overall soft facial features. Due to constant use of exercise equipment, SCP-2000 has a muscular and athletic body build. She has been observed to have incredibly high strength, speed, agility, stamina, flexibility, reflexes, and superhuman senses. Research has determined that every human sense on SCP-2000 is nearly tripled in effectiveness. SCP-2000 seems to be capable of quickly regenerating her own wounds and any injury of other organic life by touching the wound and using an unknown telekinetic ability to rapidly regenerate cells and repair breaks or disease in the body. Medical examinations have confirmed that SCP-2000's bones, muscles tendons, and blood vessels are implanted with an unknown nanotechnology that give SCP-2000 her inhuman abilities. The designer or engineer who made them is unknown and SCP-2000 claims to not remember anything before her capture by the Foundation.