Current picture of SCP-106-1 discovered in the Foundation's database


SCP-106-1 was originally an agent from the Foundation but he was abducted by SCP-106. It shares it's DNA with both the agent and SCP-106. It roams the world picking victims for SCP-106.


SCP-106-1 used to be known as Agent George. He was greatly respected by his peers in Site 12 until SCP-106 broke out of his containment chamber on June 9 2009. SCP-106 abducted George and the other four people in the room with him. The Foundation managed to recontain SCP-106 but none of the agents had returned. On July 9 2009, exactly one month after Agent George had been abducted, the man watching SCP-106's containment chamber alerted the head of the facility that SCP-106 had broken out of containment and is currently walking through the facility. Everyone in the site was evacuated with no sighting of SCP-106 and Mobile Task Force Beta-2 were sent in to recontain it. Ten minutes later they returned holding a highly disfigured man. He was barely conscious but he was putting up a fight. Everyone returned to the facility and the man who called the false alarm was terminated. The disfigured man was sent to the lab and the results showed that it shared DNA with agent George and SCP-106. It was immedietly deemed a threat and was set for termination the next day. The whole time it spent in it's cell it stared at the guard refusing to eat, drink or sleep. When the guard's shift ended he was nowhere to be found and the man had disappeared. Next to the cell showed signs of corrosion. The man was deemed SCP-106-1 and was to be terminated on site. SCP-106-1 had not been found by the Foundation ever since but sightings have popped up over the years but immedietly fall silent as the witness suspiciously disappears.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The scientists at the lab found something else at the lab which they refused to tell the Foundation. SCP-106-1 is technically dead as all of it's major organs have been removed from it's body. The only one left which is the brain shows extremly high signs of intelligence and a direct link into what is assumed SCP-106's brain. The whole purpose of SCP-106-1's existence is to pick victims for SCP-106 so it doesn't have to worry that they might not be a good meal or they might attempt to attack it. SCP-106-1 is completly mute and the only signs of communicating it has shown is staring at the next victim. It has been known to attack by itself only causing harm to the legs or arms as if scared it might kill the victim. Scientists showed that the agent George in SCP-106-1 is trying to take control of the body but is being quickly killed off making it more agressive.