Phase 1/SCP-1548-Z-1 "Lord of Armies"Edit

It has been confirmed that Phase 1 is hostile and extremely dangerous and immediate heavy security teams/forces must take action if Phase 1 has breached containment. All phases cannot be contained and are believed to be psychic manifestations of the CEO's deteriorating personality. All of which are assumed to be completely hostile and must be suppressed if containment has been breached.
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Phase 1/SCP-1548-Z-1

Phase 1, or the Lord of Armies is an all black-colored version of the CEO adorning a beret instead of a fedora. The only facial structures visible are his eyes and mouth and from previous recordings he is known to have a commander/tyrant-like personality but he seems to dislike his other phases. He, like all the other phases, have a wide array of abilities and weapons and all have been observed to be performing kata's of various types.

~" My predictions are most accurate, your fate is just as weak-willed as my Replicants." - Phase 1

 Known Abilities:Edit





Accelerated Vision (During bullet-time, he's able to see bullets and other microscopic material)


Attack Prediction

Can only be killed by the CEO

~" Your friend (CEO) has the world at his fingertips! Yet he does nothing to protect you." - Phase 1

Phase 2/SCP-1548-Z-2 "Zodiac"Edit

It is confirmed that Phase 2 is an openly hostile entity and attacks without hesitation, military and SSMD operatives are required to take immediate action if Phase 2 breaches containment. Suppression fields are vital in the containment of Phase 2.
IMG 0948

Phase 2/SCP-1548-Z-2

Phase 2, or Zodiac is an all-red version of the CEO and wears an open-collar trench coat. His eyes and mouth are visible and is known to have an aggressive/ruthless but unusually calm personality. He is shown to be obedient to Phases 3, 4 and gives Phase 1 information. This reveals that the phases cooperate and this makes them far more dangerous. Just like the other phases, he has a wide array of abilities and weapons but performs barbaric and furious attacks in a deranged manner.

~" I know what you're made of..." - Phase 2

 Known Abilities:Edit


Blade Manipulation

Reality Warp

Logikinesis (Manipulation of Logic)

Living World (Manipulate non-animate objects)

Barbed Hell (Manipulate Barbed Wire)

Can only be killed by the CEO

~" You'd look much better once I cut you open!" - Phase 2

Phase 3/SCP-1548-Z-3 "Nemesis"Edit

It's confirmed that Phase 3 is an actively hostile entity and the UEF, SSMD, MTF and military forces must be ready to pacify Phase 3 in an event of a containment breach. All equipment are necessary in suppressing this object.
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Phase 3/SCP-1548-Z-3

Phase 3, or Nemesis is an all-blue version of the CEO does not adorn a fedora. Much like his predecessors, the only visible facial structures are his eyes and mouth but trail in blue and glow bright cyan. As his name implies, he is a complete negative manifestation of the CEO and possesses all of his abilities. So far, he has displayed a cold, brutal and calm personality and is a direct threat to the CEO. He has been seen performing a wide array of abilities, similar to the CEO's, and has an almost endless scale of weaponry at his disposal.

~" You believe in hope, your God has indirected you hasn't He?" - Phase 3

 Known Abilities:Edit

Aciukinesis (Generate and manipulate sharp materials)

Asterokinesis (Complete manipulation of cosmic energy)

Electrokinesis (Manipulate and generate electrical discharges to any voltage he desires)

Captukinesis (Manipulation of Size)


Essekinesis (The CEO has limitless power to this kinesis, he is able to perform completely illogical movement and actions)

Ferrokinesis (Can manipulate metal, in combination with aciukinesis)

Ionikinesis (Only appears as an aura through thermal view. He is able to manipulate almost invisible sources of attacks with this kinesis)

Opinokinesis (Manipulates his senses to the point where he could feel shadow)

Physikinesis (Break and mend the laws of physics at his own will)

Solarkinesis (Able to make a focused wave of sun-energy beam, or create a mini-sun to make an atomic explosion)

Technokinesis (Manipulate technology at an endless scale)

Unikinesis (Manipulation of the Universe)

Omnipotence (Near-limitless knowledge of everything)

One-Man Army

Telepathy (Ability to communicate and read someone's mind)


Can only be killed by the CEO

~" SCP-682, 1548, 106 and 457? Petty examples of paranormal and supernatural, none of which deserve to live." - Phase 3

Phase 4/SCP-1548-Z-4 "King of Fear"Edit

This is a confirmed and extremely deadly phase and all military, and special forces must have immediate access to high-powered and tip-of-the-spear equipment to effectively suppress Phase 4.

Phase 4, or King of Fear is an all-white version of the CEO not adorning the fedora. His head, eyes and mouth are visible and he is mentioned to be the main-work in cooperation among the phases. He displays a level-headed personality but is calm and ruthless. As his name implies, he seems to be the indomitable embodiement of fear and is knowledgable in the weaknesses of most things, including 682 and 2629. His abilities appear to be psychically or elementally based and is rumored to have "destroyed planets".

~" Do not be afraid, fear just makes a 'panic' worse."- Phase 4 intimidating

 Known Abilities:Edit


Fear Inducement

Phobikinesis (Manipulation of Fear)

Fear Empowerment

Fear Augmentation

Psionic Manipulation (Omni-Manipulation of all psychic/mental/psionic powers at once)

Can only be killed by the CEO

~" Your world will meet the fate of your predecessors, and they have met a terrible fate." - Phase 4


4-05-[REDACTED], regarding Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the CEO

Dr. [REDACTED]: "Hello SCP-1548-Z, I've heard of your phases before and seen them. Could you explain them to me?"

SCP-1548-Z/"TheCEO": "Oh you mean those bullies? Well, it's like this, I touched a rock and I recieved power and I felt power-crazy afterwards!"

Dr. [REDACTED]: "So these phases are created by you psychically?"

SCP-1548-Z/"TheCEO": *Silence for 22 seconds* "Well... I guess so, I'm not so sure but these things are pretty damn mean and I'm pretty sure you don't want them in your reality!"

Dr. [REDACTED]: "Okay then! What about 'how' can we 'kill' these phases?"

SCP-1548-Z/"TheCEO": "Here's the rising detail; you can't."

Dr. [REDACTED]: "Why's that?"

SCP-1548-Z/"TheCEO": "Think that I'm near-invincible, I have all these abilities and so do these phases! But since you 'could' kill me... Then... Well..."

Dr. [REDACTED]: "Then what?"

SCP-1548-Z/"TheCEO": *Stares blankly at Dr. [REDACTED] for 11 seconds* "Then your world is destroyed, if I'm gone; phases are out to get you. Which equals your quick extinction that can happen in a minute or so!"

Dr. [REDACTED]: " ... I see, interview concluded."

Addendum, it has been confirmed that the CEO is required to be alive to retain current existance. It has also been confirmed that only he could kill these phases, which is evident.

"God help us." - Dr. Gustave

"So what do we do now?" - Dr. Richards

4-20-[REDACTED], extremely disturbing collections of speech from Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4.

SCP-1548-Z-1/"Lord of Armies": "There is no such thing as 'harmony', 'freedom', 'friendship' and 'hope'. You all have hidden under society hoping that God would help you."

SCP-1548-Z-2/"Zodiac": "I would use you as my personal bath-towel and I surely would hunt you, yes, I'm talking about you, Scarlet..."

SCP-1548-Z-3/"Nemesis": "I know you're listening James, your friend may protect you but I guarantee you that I will rip out your friend's spine and watch your world burn. Scarlet, your little world is at the mercy of a god, one whom you cannot hope to defeat."

SCP-1548-Z-4/"King of Fear": "Beware listener, for these are foretold events that will soon occur. Prevent all you see fit, we are still progressing."

As threatening these messages are, they have been kept for analyzing. Phase 4's speech indicates that he is using the paranoia and fear of SCP staff.


  • All of the phases wear trenchcoats in different style. With collars open or closed.
  • Phase 1 seems to be the least cooperative among his phases.
  • Phase 2 has a perverted and sadisticly-twisted personality, which sums up he's the most evil of his phases.
  • Phase 3 is the most powerful of the 3, clearly because he's a copy of the CEO

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