Mobile Task Forces are small groups of operators (generally three to ten, though Task Forces larger than twenty are not unheard of) dedicated to performing a specific task or dealing with a particular situation. Each Task Force is assigned a unique combination of a Greek letter and a number, but otherwise nomenclature is the same as for facilities secure facilities.

  • Military-Grade Task Forces Pi-2 (aka "The Elements of Harmony"): Created by Charles de leCalliope, Pi-2 was a military-esque force. Later "defected" (in reality, leaving the Foundation). Armored Mobile Task Force Pi-2 is a battalion-strength force consisting of three company-sized elements of expeditionary operations/warfare/crisis infantry forces, a light armored vehicle company, tank platoon, helicopter squadron, Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear platoon, combat engineer platoon, nuclear weapon specialist (NWS) squad, medium armored vehicle company, airforce squadron (includes airborne troops), naval forces (includes marines, aviators, and seventeen ships), artillery platoon, and headquarters unit. They are consisted of:
    • Task Force Alpha-3 (aka "The Command-Staging Area"): Consisted of a command unit and several guards. The commanders of Pi-2 was Charles de leCalliope and Vassily Aleksander Petrenko.
    • Task Force Alpha-5 (aka "Revision Area"): Consisted of psychic personnel, responsible for providing intelligence and locations of the area. The leader was Colonel Walter Amsel.
    • Task Force Alpha-7 (aka "Power Rangers"): Consisted of army rangers, dedicated to assist Kappa-1 in any skirmishes. Main leader was Heinrich Amsel. Apparently known for their Power Rangers-esque/-like moves.
    • Task Force Alpha-8 (aka "The Black Cats"): Crews of the PBY Catalinas (Hammerhead and Mantaray) are to intercept enemy convoys and assist in the evacuation of civilians, citizens, or wounded. Leaders was Booth and Harrington, respectively.
    • Task Force Beta-1 (aka "More Starship Troopers"): Consisted of reinforcements to aid the battered troops. Approval were always approved by Admiral Calliope.
    • Task Force Beta-2 (aka "Dropping Birds"): Airborne troopers that landed behind enemy lines. Current assignments are to stop any factions of interests, other current assignments are to gather intel and assist troopers.
    • Task Force Gamma-1 (aka "Mistaken Reports"): Currently covering Foundation and Federation activity respectively. Lies to the reporters about what happened. Main leader was Major Rikov Petrov Budenny.
    • Task Force Delta-1 (aka "The Buildings"): Troopers responsible for providing fire support, building clearings, and taking out any Factions of Interests-garrisoned buildings. Iota-1 supports Delta-1 for the clearing or capture of any buildings.
    • Task Force Epsilon-1 (aka "Not Enough Supplies"): Current assignment was to steal enough munitions for the Aleksander.
    • Task Force Iota-1 (aka "Socialized Armored Troops"): Consisted of mechanized infantries or panzergrenadiers and vehicles, trained for armoured warfare and assault. Main leader was Jonathan Miller.
    • Task Force Kappa-1 (aka "America's Marines"): Special operation marines dedicated for expeditionary-amphibious warfare, infiltration, assault, and stealing every intel. Consisted of Kappa-1-1 and Kappa-1-2. The main leader was Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman, and second-in-command is Valery Makarov.
    • Task Force Upsilon-1 (aka "The Tsar's Air Force Squadron"): Air support element based in the DSS Aleksander, responsible for providing rapid-response close air support and attack helicopter support. Main leader was Dimitri M. Tubakov.

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