Louis Smith
Rank Security Guard
Affiliations SCP Foundation security department
Nationality English
Status Active
Birth October 12, 19███ (age 21)
Sex Male
Height 5'1
Weight 110 lbs
Build Athletic
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Race Caucasian
Weapon Glock 17, stun baton, P90
Equipment Combat armor, grenades
SECURITY OFFICER LOUIS SMITH is a member of the SCP Foundation's security department. He currently serves Area-53's head security force, with Officer Taylor Wilson acting as his partner.

Background informationEdit

Smith was born October 12, 19███, growing up in middle-class England where he was constantly bullied and teased over his unintimidating stature and feminine appearance. As a young adult, Smith served as a guard in multiple maximum security prisons, and was eventually recruited into the SCP Foundation as a security officer.

History with the SCP FoundationEdit

Smith's history with the Foundation is currently a nondescript one, as a typical medium-level security guard. However, unbeknownst to all other personnel, Smith abuses his powers over the Class-D's on a daily basis by taking sexual advantage of them in their cell at gun-point after deactivating the security camera, seeing them as nothing more but playthings to vent his hormones and frustrations upon.