"What the **** is that thing?" Seadrus asked incredulously.

"Seadrus, please refrain from using such vulgar terms while on data recording." The man said, obviously annoyed.

"Okay, then tell me WHAT that thing is? It butt looks like burnt toast!"

"Seadrus. One more crude term and I will retire you permanently."

"Okay... What are we going to do?"

"Observe." The man pulled up a microphone to his mouth. "All Class D Personnel, enter the containment chamber." The man then put down the microphone and gestured for Seadrus to retire to the video chamber.

"Why are we doing this? Hasn't the foundation collected enough data concerning this beast?"

"Well, for two reasons. One, I lost a bet with Dr. [REDACTED], and Two, some of us like to see others suffer by the hand of 173."

The Class D "Personnel" walked into the chamber, clad in orange suits. The back of one of the Class D's had a dark red substance that looked suspiciously like blood, but dried blood..

The lights flickered, and SCP-173 moved across the room, staring one of the Class D's in the eye. The man screamed until he blinked, which, of course, made him cease.

As Seadrus watched through the security cameras, the man next to him laughed openly, and Seadrus was horrified, yet awestruck at the sheer power of the anomaly.

"What the... Why did the lights flicker?" Seadrus asked, then noticed a switch in the man's hand. How cruel could the foundation be?

Seadrus was sick, "I need to sit down." He pulled up a chair, and sat down.

"Woah, there, newbie." The man said, a tone of concern in his voice, "Don't vomit. I just finished cleaning these floors!"

Of course, the power of suggestion was too great. Let's just leave it at that.