Lloyd Peterson
is a Foundation employee stationed at Site-██.

Profile Edit

As a civilian, Lloyd was brought to Site-███ after witnessing an anomalous event later connected to a then unnamed Group of Interest. Following interviews, Director ████ ████████ offered Lloyd to work at the nearby and understaffed Site-██ under a cover story. Lloyd accepted, and is currently a Level-2 employee at the same Site.

Addendum Edit

Taken from mentioned interview.

Agent ██████ ██████: Firstly, please state your name, place of birth, and age.

Peterson: My name is Lloyd Peterson. I was born in Bradsburg, Maine, and I'm twenty years old.

██████: Alright, now I'm gonna ask you a few questions relating to the incident you witnessed. Please don't withhold any, and I mean any, information, alright? Treat this as seriously as possible. Like a police int-questioning.

Peterson: Yes, sir.

██████: So, can you describe to me exactly what you saw on October 23rd of this year?

Peterson: Well, I was walking home from 7/11 at around eleven PM? I tried taking this bridge across a river when it started bending. Like, a plastic ruler.

██████: What did you do once you realized the bridge was anomalous?

Peterson: Well I tried getting off, but I fell into the river when I heard this really weird sound it made. I-I can't really describe it. It just sounded... unnatural?

██████: Could you compare the noise to something? Was it deep, high, rattling, steady?

Peterson: Well, have you ever heard about the Bloop before? It was this unexplained sound recorded in the oceans in 90's. Kinda reminds me of that.

██████: Oh yeah, the Bloop. That's just a...t-that's just a few underwater icebergs scraping together. So it was like a low, grating drone noise?

Peterson: Yeah, like that!

██████: Alright, so now... [REDACTED] Sorry about that, Mr. Peterson. So, how did you manage to get out of the river after the anomalous bridge tossed you into it?

Peterson: I just swam out and ran home. It didn't attack me or anything. All it did was bend. Look, I've told nobody about it, I swear!

██████: Alright, so as a summary, you were walking home from 7/11 when you crossed a bridge that began to abnormally bend, eventually throwing you off and scaring you back home?

Peterson: Basically. I went back there the next morning, and it was a normal bridge again. Then you showed up and tossed me into a van.

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