This article contain the list of Eastern Sovereign Faction units.

Name Nickname Commander Type Strength Location
11th Airborne Flotilla "The Talons of Ruin" Michael Ford Aerial flotilla 3 Hresvelgr-class heavy command cruiser ESF Air Base Thunder
12th Unit "Peacekeepers" Borealis Norsoutha Joint forward-deployed expeditionary force 7500 cops, 1 brigade, 4 divisions ESF Headquarters
9th Unit "Scarlet Crusade" Scarlet Rangers Special support strike force 3 brigades ESF FOB Scepter 15
13th Unit "Wailord Fleet" Alexander Ford Aerial flotilla 1 Aigaion-class airborne aircraft carrier
2 Kottos-class electronic support platform
2 Gyges-class mobile weapons platform
ESF FOB Drudge 1
11th Tactical Fighter Squadron Skelter Squadron Borealis Norsoutha Tactical fighter squadron 1 CFA-44 Nosferatu or F-22A Raptor, 1 ADFX-2 Morgan, Rafale M ESF Headquarters
18th Research and Development Team "The Science Rats" Stukov Petrenko Special science division 4 battalions, 3 science groups ESF Special Facility Archangel
Dimension Task Force Alpha-115 "Dimension Walkers" Mikhail Savarov Inter-Dimensional strike team 18 portal beacons
1 portal generator
275 soldiers
ESF Special Facility Archangel
36th Aviation Brigade "Knights of Salta" Borealis Norsoutha Aviation brigade 3 aviation battalions ESF Air Base Knights
ESF Battle Fleet 1 "Ocean Goers" Richard Morrison Naval group 1 fleet ESF Naval Base Julia

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