James J,Greeade
James Greeade Bigger Scale

His Portrait before SCP-173 broke out
Rank Scientist
Affiliations SCP Foundation
Nationality Germany
Status Alive
Birth April 12, 19███ (age 32)
Sex Male
Height Approx. 5.8 ft
Weight Approx. 142 lbs
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark blue
Race Caucasian

James Greeade is a member of the SCP Foundation that worked at Site-21 and now Site-10


James was born on April 12, 19███ in New York. He was attacked by SCP-106 but escaped and was rescued by a unnamed MTF and now is 32 years old in Site 10.


He was the one who discovered and captured SCP-1113. He was also the one who interviewed SCP-049 and after the interview ended, he survived with out a single death touch by 049 and was rescued.


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