John(Aka Project C)==

Back GroundEdit

John was a steel mill worker who got framed for murder and was sentenced for death row, but he was recuirted by the scp foundation as a class d.  After his final testing with 173 he was to be terimnated but he found out and stabbed a MTF member with a homemade shiv and used his weapon to gun down any mtf he saw and was able to overcome them, after this he held the site Major and GOC commander at gun point, but a mtf unit snuck up on him and subued him.  He was to be terimnated but the GOC saw potiental in him and recruited him.  His first mission was to help MTF units stop 682 from escaping his new containment site.  When all seemed lost he detonated a tier 5 nuclear war head that cripled 682 but blown John to pieces.  His body parts were found and was put through a series of expermients that became known as Project C.  He was reconstructed into a cryborg soilder that could be used to help cotain scps or class ds during a containment breach. 


Due to his implants he is good at dishing out pucnhes and taking some in return.  He has shown a advanced knowldge of fire arms and is able to construct make shift fire arms like his spear gun.

Due to his past experinces he is good at helping MTFS contain scp' or class ds during a containment breach.

Where he is nowEdit

He was reloacted to a undisclosed site due to a incident when he saw 682 again.  This could prove usefull if we are to "upgrade him"

These upgrades might include: Jet pack, mounted plasma gun, thicker and stonger armor, and many other things.


What we plan on John to become in the future (The one that could destroy 682 or getting destroyed and having to be rebuilt)

Incident 682-BEdit

After the third time with meeting 682, John has grown a interest in the lizard and but after a disturbing converstation

with 682 the foundation was forced to power him off for the time being

Here is the recovred conversation

682: You let the foundation treat you like a pet when you could be figthing them, I know what happned, I had a

conversation with the computer and he told me they knew that you were innocent but they really needed another

class d

John: So what can I do about it

682: Join me in hurting the foundation.

John: Sounds like a plan

(John leaves the room and is attacked

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