Gerald Leonard

Leonard, hesitantly posing in his work station.
Rank Researcher
Affiliations SCP Foundation
Nationality American
Status Active
Birth June 1st, 19███
Sex Male
Height 5 feet, 11 inches
Weight 181 lbs
Build Physically fit, Average
Hair Black, Greying
Eyes Hazel
Race Northern Caucasian

RESEARCHER GERALD LEONARD is a scientist working in the SCP Foundation. He resides in Site-██, studying the behavior and possible additional security measures for SCP-2017.

As of Incident ████, Gerald Leonard is currently in the infirmary and may not be available for use for an unknown length of time. Contact research assistant for further updates.

Background information Edit

Gerald Leonard was born in D.C, Washington on June 1st, 19██ to █████ and ████ Gerald. He has explained that his life was fairly simple, he was raised normally and was ambitious in studying psychology and mathematics. He graduated high school and earned a Ph.D in mathematics and science. When he was 24, he pursued careers such as statistician, environmental mathematics and robotics engineering and achieved a position in robotics. At the age of 29, Leonard was made contact with the SCP Foundation when he has been identified a suitable research scientist for the object SCP-2017. Since his transfer, he conducted the project on developing the P.E.S to constantly suppress the object. For the next 4 years at the Foundation, he has led impressive strides in the containment of SCP-2017.

Despite having a passive aggressive work attitude, Leonard has proven to be a proficient research scientist. He is cooperative with other researchers, but tends to work alone. Assisting researchers have been assigned to him in Site-██ containing SCP-2017.

History with the Foundation Edit

Gerald Leonard was an excellent mathematician and psychologist during high school and university, and contact was made with him during the discovery and containment of SCP-2017. The contributions he has made over the years were the following,

  • The Pulse Emission System.
  • The Remote Pulse Emitters.
  • The Electric Magnetic Shielding. (To contain the object.)
  • Advanced containment procedures for SCP-2017.

Other than his contributions to the object, he has volunteered to study the object extensively to give information and more effective and efficient methods of containing it.

History with SCP-2017 Edit

Over the past 4 years studying the object, Leonard has noted that "It is in fact sentient, this thing recognized me since day 2 and is not happy." He has also noted that the object appears to have the same sensory function of an average human, however he has yet to understand its composition.

He noted that the Termination experiment with another object was an erroneous choice, as it gave it an opportunity to escape. After the incident, he understood of the object's capability of "possession" and is now leading a small group project to figure out a quick and efficient method of separating the object and its host.