The following is a list of all revenant factions of interests after SCP: Containment Breach, the SCP Universe, and the MLP-SCP crossover universe.

Government/Organization FactionsEdit

Request flag of united earth fed by generalhelghast-d58nlsz United Earth FederationEdit

The United Earth Federation, also known as the Federation, is a federal socialist military organization dedicated to the safety of all nations by use of military intervention or unleashing Keter- and Euclid-class SCPs. The only Keter-class SCP that was friendly to the UEF was [[[SCP-106]]

"Morituri te Salutant"

- UEF Motto(Unsourced)

Scp SCP FoundationEdit

The Foundation is a secret organization dedicated to the security and safety of the world through the containment and study of anomalous artifacts, beings and organisms, known as SCPs. 

-Secure. Contain. Protect.

Chao The Chaos InsurgencyEdit

The Chaos Insurgency are a group antagonistic to the Foundation, wanting to use SCPs to seemingly benefit mankind.

-Logic out of illogic


The PI-6, full name Personal Interest (group) 6, is a splinter faction of the SCP Foundation's, Mobile Task Forces.

Fighting for the Rights of Others

The Bio-OrganizationEdit

The Bio-Organization was a faction in Earth. Although neutral towards the UEF, the Bio-Organization though assists them in an operation.

GDI Logo 1995Global Defense InitiativeEdit

The Global Defense Initiative is a faction on Earth. It is now a global government.

Eastern Sovereign FactionEdit

The Eastern Sovereign Faction is a militaristic group composed of militant humanist factions, hardline religious groups, and scientific groups. It was led by the mysterious but young and charismatic Borealis Norsoutha.

Military FactionsEdit

Template:FlagUEFARMFOR UEF Armed ForcesEdit

The United Earth Federation Armed Forces, apparently called the Federal Armed Service and called by its initials-abbreviations "UEFARMFOR", was the military of the United Earth Federation. According to one of the Documents, the UEFARMFOR has seventy-five SCPs.

"It's A Good Day To Die!"

- UEFARMFOR motto(Unsourced)

Template:FlagUSMEF United States Military Expeditionary FleetEdit

The United States Military Expeditionary Fleet, also known as the USMEF, was the expeditionary military pacification fleet of the United States Armed Forces. Although neutral to the UEF, the USMEF was designated to help the UEF terminate Foundation operatives from retaking the Federation's SCPs. It has forty-six SCPs.

"For the Grace of God, We Defend"

- USMEF motto(Unsourced)

Template:FlagNSUEF New Soviet Union Expeditionary FleetEdit

The New Soviet Union Expeditionary Fleet, known as the NSUEF, was the expeditionary military pacification fleet of the Russian Federation. It was created by the Russian government after Admiral Calliope sent a request for the creation of the NSUEF. It has thirty-two SCPs.

"Во имя Царя мы боремся"

- NSUEF motto(Unsourced)

Template:FlagMercs Umbra Die MercsEdit

A private army for Umbra Die, the Mercs was a battlegroup willing to fight for their lives. It has the same SCPs after being created into the UEF Armed Forces, but the Mercs was later reconstituted.

"We shall get paid for our work"

- Umbra Die Mercs motto(Unsourced)

Other FactionsEdit

Goc Global Occult CoalitionEdit

An organization created by the United Nations, their objective is to safeguard mankind by destroying all dangerous anomalies (SCPs). Well-funded and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they are a formidable force. While they hold contempt to the Foundation for their containment of SCPs, the GOC tend to leave the Foundation alone, though at times have assisted the Foundation in the destruction of extremely dangerous SCPs.

- Survival against impossible odds.

Serpentshand The Serpent's HandEdit

A small but formidable organization, a group that seemingly embraces the use of and existence of paranormal entities, especially humanoid and sentient ones. They are against the destruction of SCPs, especially sentient ones.

- Unity for all.

The FactoryEdit

Little is known about The Factory, except that they seem capable of manufacturing anomalous artifacts — and that they use mass-production techniques to do so.

- Industrious, Anomalous.

Doctor WondertainmentEdit

It is not known whether Doctor Wondertainment is an individual or an organization. All that is known is that Doctor Wondertainment is capable of producing anomalous artifacts and entities which thematically resemble children's toys.

- A children's dream.

The Church of the Broken GodEdit

A group of zealots, believing many of the SCP items to be parts of a "god" that was broken after the creation of the universe. They are extremely hostile to Foundation operatives, branding them "heretics", and will attempt to kill operatives and break containment of SCP items.

- A shattered god reborn!

Marshall, Carter, and Dark LtdEdit

A "club" based in London, England. Catering to the super-rich and with extensive political and financial ties worldwide, this group has caused extensive problems for the Foundation. Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. is known for collecting rare and obscure items, along with providing its members the most exclusive, expensive, and rare experiences available.

Auctions and warehouses are frequent targets for Foundation raids.

- It's all about playing the game.

Template:FlagFedDefArm Federal Defense ArmyEdit

A military-esque organization that was dedicated to fight for the rights of others after the Foundation killed several D-Class, the Federal Defense Army was a military before transformed into the UEF, but was later reconstituted.

- In the name of Mankind and Humanity.

Template:FlagUmbraDie Umbra DieEdit

A terrorist network dedicated to fight against the Foundation, Umbra Die was a terrorist-military organization which was transformed into the FDA before the creation of the UEF. Umbra Die was later reconstituted.

- Our journey to victory has begun!

Template:FlagSSBD Schutzstaffel Battalion DEdit

After returning to Germany via transmission by the UEF about paranormal entities and thanks to the efforts of the UEF's rearmament towards the Axis Powers in the 21st century, the Schutzstaffel Battalion D was created after Admiral Calliope shows the surviving Nazis about SCPs-173, -106, and -096 to protect Nazi interests from hostile factions except for PI-6, the Bio-Organization, USMEF, NSUEF, Umbra Die, the FDA, and the UEF.

- Nehmen Sie, was notwendig ist, um unsere Interessen zu schützen.

Template:FlagIJEB Imperial Japanese Entity BattalionEdit

Also returning to Earth thanks to the efforts by the UEF to rearm itself in the 21st century after the discovery of paranormal entities, the Imperial Japanese Entity Battalion was created after the UEF has organized a broadcast to all Axis Powers members about paranormal entities and joins the interests of securing the entities, contain and protect them from hostile threats except for PI-6, the Bio-Organization, USMEF, NSUEF, Umbra Die, the FDA, and the UEF.


Template:FlagFIED Fascist Italian Entity DivisionEdit

Finally returning to Earth after the discovery of the entities to them by the Federation, the Fascist Italian Entity Division was created to take the entities as possible before any factions of interests minus the seven factions will take them.

Template:FlagREMC Royal Equestrian Mage CorpsEdit

Created by the Her Divine Majesty Princess Twilight Sparkle's Government, the Royal Equestrian Mage Corps was made to investigate hostile and dangerous anomalies.

Template:FlagAtlas Atlas

Responsible for the attacks on the Children of the Scarlet King, Atlas is the name of a large group made of militant humanist factions and hard-line religious groups and was supplied by DEM Industries. Despite being a bit smaller (in Scarlet's, 23% smaller) than the UEF, the Atlas is known for its state-of-the-art tech weapons (supplied by DEM Industries) and its military arm. The leader of Atlas is Borealis Norsoutha,  who heads SS Army Group Atlas.