File #: F-24031-01-Dr Rosswood [Access granted]

Prior to acquisition, subject lived in Maine, United States. Subject worked as a high-ranking member of a now-defunct company devoted to the understanding of an anomalous item that had been causing a number of effects upon her hometown and its population (Item in question is now [DATA EXPUNGED]). Subject was discovered after Foundation agents were sent to the company research building after information regarding the company reached an embedded agent. Subject's records listed her skills and specialties, which were sent to Head of Recruiting. Documents were reviewed and subject was deemed highly useful.

Subject was acquired through protocol 17-C and assigned to Site-113 on 10/11/07.

Subject is currently assigned to research of SCP objects within her clearance level. Subject has been highly helpful in understanding hard-to-understand objects to be sent to Site-113. Subject has handled multiple objects, many of which were done simultaneously, and has managed to heavily understand the anomalous nature of multiple objects with minimal issues during testing, research, and interviewing.

Subject has assisted in multiple projects regarding SCP objects, groups of interest, data dump, and blockage of public information leak. In multiple cases, subject was at least a high-ranked member of the project body. In roughly 40% of these projects altogether, they have succeeded with the sole help of subject or her project's division.

Subject's security clearance level is currently at level 4.

Subject, along with subjects Assistant Z, D-7025, and Dr. Carpenter, is currently part of Project Maze, a project dedicated to gaining additional knowledge and a full understanding of items SCP-432 and SCP-432-1. Project is currently active. See Document-1432-Project Maze for project information.

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