Dr. Hockenberry's Personal FileEdit

Dr. [Redacted] Hockenberry


Dr. Hockenberry on Recovery Mission-SCP-5679

MTF-Omega-23   Role: Infantry

Security Clearence Level: Level 5

Previously a high ranking researcher (as is why he is Level 5 clearence). Drafted to MTF-Omega-23 on [Data Exponged], for the sole reason of he has a better purpose than dissecting creatures. Has been involved in the the recovery of SCPs 076, 682, 096, and 5979. He is a joint agent with The Global Occult Coalition.

Personal Equipment:

Primary:M4 Assault Rifle

Secondary: Colt M1911A1

Grenade: M1 Frag Grenade

Melee: Katana constucted by: DrClef


Dr. Clef, Dr. Bright, Dr. Kondraki, Dr. Reach,


Caution is to be taken when approuching Dr. Hockenberry, because he might cut you in half. 

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