D-78320 is possibly the first D-Class to be a non-deathrow inmate recruited for the Foundation to survive more than one psychological attacks of an escaped SCP. He was recruited to handle psychologically dangerous SCP's.


D-78320 is considered to be a psychicly potent human being and is able to withstand psychological attacks. Most subjects who were unable to reach 087's source, the exception is D-9999. D-78320 was unwilling to follow most orders but is forced to. He seems to have a high tolerance to most hazardous chemicals. Most testings involved:
D-78320 2013-04-09

D-78320 before the events of 2013-04-09

  • SCP-049 - Test succeeded - D-78320 was able to analyze SCP-049's tissue and solution.
  • SCP-058 - Test succeeded - D-78320 established verbal communication with it and was able to identify its origin and sole existance.
  • SCP-076 - Test succeeded - D-78320 claimed that this object has taught and shown him several of its abilities.
  • SCP-087 - Test succeeded - D-78320 was able to examine the source of the crying, he described as "something not from this world, something people would barely look at."
  • SCP-173 - Test succeeded - D-78320 blinked several times, however, 173 wasn't moving.
  • SCP-409 - Test succeeded - D-78320 successfully resisted the disease factors and taken samples of the object.
  • SCP-513 - Test succeeded - D-78320 said he doesn't see SCP-513-1 after 5-7 hours after exposure.
  • SCP-682 - Under Investigation - D-78320 claimed to telepathically communicate 682, however, the object displayed extreme hatred and violent threats towards D-78320, he was later extracted from the containment cell.
  • SCP-723 - Test succeeded - D-78320 didn't aged with each step he made during the exploration, however, he wasn't able to pass the 78th floor since he claimed, "There are voices in my head urging him to go back, they're not requesting..."
  • SCP-895 - Test Succeeded - D-78320 was in the 5 meter Red Zone but didn't display any forms of psychological trauma, he also said that there was nothing in the coffin but heard voices once they opened it.
  • SCP-966 - D-78320 is able to see them without infrared lens, usually once he enters the containment cell, he described them as small, horrific creatures with abnormally large hands and claws. He also described them very weak in terms of defence.
  • SCP-2006 - Test succeeded - D-78320 reported sudden headaches but no psychological breakdown.
  • SCP-2017 - Under Investigation - D-78320 resisted possession and all psychological attacks except influence.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Dream-Walking: D-78320 has an unusual ability to enter ones mind and or dream, this ability is useful in testings with SCP-2017 and 2006.

Psychological-Attacks: D-78320 is capable of using psychological attacks, useful in testings with SCP-2017,2006, 106 and 513. In night-terrors, he most commonly described a figure similar to him that looked twisted and heartless, as it is assumed that SCP-2017 is influencing him.

Inhuman-Reflexes: D-78320 displays 95% accurate reactions to most activities around him. He is able to quickly identify and keenly percieve his surroundings. This could explain how he was able to retreat from the attacks 682 made.

Current ConditionEdit

D-78320 is to be monitored daily to see any difference in behavoir or psychological fitness, he is claimed to be "Bio-Organization property" mostly because the CEO used him in advanced psychological testing areas. Here is an audio log.

- BioOrganization: "- I will not see him as a toy I thought I went over that with you that he is too valuable to lose!"

- Dr. C: "Clearly you haven't seen the influence rate with D-78320 and SCP-2017 have you not?"

- BioOrganization: "Okay, let me rephrase that then, why the [EXPLICIT] would you use him as live bait for the damn thing?!"

- Dr. C: "The possibility of a containment breach has reached 92% this is the highest albeit the most dangerous compared to 106!"

- BioOrganization: "Well that's why you've got me! You send me out there to trap and capture the thing, we don't use live bait! It's not like 106!"

- Dr. C: "SCP-2017 is a Keter class SCP, an entity that is naturally hostile to human life and will kill us. And is currently the most aggressive object we have captured. You expect us to use another method to trap it?"

- BioOrganization: "That's exactly what I was talking about! Magnetic pulse emission systmes, strong enough to keep the bastard on the ground. This. *Shuffling papers* A P.E.C. This baby's got the kick to knock the thing senseless and not kill it."

- Dr. C: "... Okay, what's your idea?"

- BioOrganization: "Psychically potent guards, or other D-Class that inherit D-78320's abilities, why not we take sample-"

End of Recording

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