Captain Victor
Rank Captain
Affiliations Mobile Task Force
Nationality Brazil
Status Alive
Sex Male
Marks Hand Mark
Hair Black
Race South American
Weapon M4A1 ACOG,USP .45
Equipment Night Vision Googles
Timeline SCP Timeline
Level Security Level 3
''Cpt'' Victor is a guy that was working in a project , named  Incident ''51''
 but, we dont know how, in 201█ he was seeing SCP-096 face in a picture in 
internet... them SCP-096 ██████████████████████ and started seeking him , them Cpt
 Victor see again SCP-096 face , them our MTF started shooting SCP-096 , he killed 
a █████ , after that a M4A1 rifle was dropped close to Victor, He grab the rifle 
and started shooting SCP-096 , We dont know how but he did some damage to SCP-096 
body, Our Unit Captured SCP-096 Again With the help of 30 man and we captured 
Victor ████ ██████ █████

Document ████-███

Interrogator : i can see here, your friends call you Cpt, Captain?

Victor: Yes, its my rank in videogames, im a big fan of the foundation.

Interrogator: Where you see SCP-096 face?

Victor: In a site named ''SCP - ███████''

Interrogator: How old are you?

Victor: ██

Interrogator: Why you was trying to found 096's face?

Victor: i was just see it in my screen , them i got fucked by him;

Interrogator: Why you grab the M4A1 Rifle?

Victor: Because i need to protect me from that shit , no?

Interrogator: Can you draw SCP-096 face?


Interrogator: We have a job for you, you like video games? , now you will really have a gun.

Victor: Let me shot that shit ass.

(End of Audio File , but you can hear gunshots in the last moment.)

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Captain Victor in ███████████