Borealis Norsoutha
File:Borealis Norsoutha.png
Nickname(s) Borealis
Rank Field Commander
Affiliations Template:Country data Ratatoskr

Template:Country data United Earth Federation

Nationality United States of America
Status Alive
Birth October 14
Sex Male (mistakenly female)
Marks Feminine face
Hair Long dark-blue hair with white and white-bright-blue streaks
Eyes Aurora blue eyes
Race American (Caucasian Japanese)
Timeline Scarlet's crossover timeline
Borealis Norsoutha is a member of both the United Earth Federation and Ratatoskr. He was in command of the joint UEF-Ratatoskr First Marine and Wizard Division for Joint Operations and Special Purposes. He is known for his long dark-blue hair with white and white-blue streaks, aurora blue eyes, and a face of a 23-year-old Caucasian Japanese woman, something that confused him for said woman due to his androgyny.

Theme songEdit

Borealis Norsoutha's main theme is Viva La Vida.


  • Borealis Norsoutha is based on Scarlet's MLP OC, Borealis Trident Mir Sparkler-Honeymoon.
    • He is also one of Scarlet's human OCs that appeared in role-plays between Scarlet and Sky Dragoon Twilight. The others being Catholic Archbishop Dimitri A. Zolorov, Secondary Field Command Ushanka Mosin Aleksander Zolorov, Borealis' grandfather US Army General Daladier Norsoutha, Nova Prospekt commander James Richardson, and Russian Army General Dimitri Topolov.
      • The RPs between Scarlet and Twilight did are Date A Live RPs; the latter is Scarlet's favorite.
      • Borealis Norsoutha's personality is similar to that of Kotori Itsuka from Date A Live: both were friendly and innocent like a child and being sadistic when on-board the Atlas and the Fraxinus, respectively. They are also weak towards the horror genre, except Borealis reacts to it extremely strongly by screaming like a girl. They also beat their second-in-commands (Borealis beating Ushanka and Kotori beating up Kyouhei Kannazuki).
        • However, Borealis is much like Kyouhei Kannazuki: both are perverts.
        • Unlike Kotori, Borealis is always friendly and childish if he sees something cute and, unlike Kotori, is wearing his admiral uniform or combat outfit, which made him a sadist commander.
  • He was mistaken for a woman because of his hair and face because he has androgyny. Despite that, he sounds like a 23-year-old woman. One example is his girly moans, screams, and the like.
  • Borealis plays Assassin's Creed because he claims there is muskets and flintlocks and also claims Templars are awesome.
  • According to Borealis, the 1st Marine-Wizard Division for Special Purpose and Joint Operations' marines are referred to as airborne marines, in keeping with the Ratatoskr-UEF operations.

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