Atlas is an unknown but large organization made up of militant humanist factions and hard-line religious groups: both groups that is against anything related to the Children of the Scarlet King, the SCP Foundation, the Chaos Insurgency, and the Global Occult Coalition. It was responsible for the attacks on the Children of the Scarlet King.

In secret, Atlas is actually a military force under the direct personal command of Borealis Norsoutha.


Atlas officially becam active on July 16, 20██ as a joint militarist ad social-networking political movement. Popularity of the group spread rapidly due to the charisma of its unknown leader, known as "Valhalla". "Valhalla", in reality, is the militarist Borealis Norsoutha.

Military ArmEdit

Atlas has a large military arm within its organization capable of challenging the might of multiple factions. Its military arm was supplied by both Ratatoskr, Asgard Electronics, and DEM Industries, those corporations responsible for arming the anti-entity faction with Combat Realizer Units. Despite using American, European, Russian, and Chinese military equipment coupled with Magitech equipment, Atlas is not against the Spirits.

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