SECURITY AGENT WALKER is a member of the SCP Foundation's security department. His current site of operations, are at Area 53. [DATA EXPUNGED]. He currently operates with Area 53's security squadron, C-6.

Background information Edit

According to information gathered by the Department of External Affairs, subject was born in England, ██████████, ██████████ Royal Infirmary, and was a young male; raised in said home town. He began to grow an interest in military aspects. He once enlisted into the local army cadets. During his school time, he had won a gold leadership award. As he progressed through life, his life had took a slight turn in violence, when he witnessed a shoot out, at ████. He began doing self defense classes at a young age. At the age of 17, he decided for himself to enlist into the British Army, once he had reached the legal age. 3 years of service of the British Army, he had decided to enlist into the S.A.S. He had passed the selection process and had served 2 more years, before being contacted by the D.E.A. He accepted the security position, and is now based in Area 53.

History with the Foundation Edit

Mister Crane, had Joined in 20██ and has currently been in the foundation for approximately for two years, he is often strict about protocol, and worries about his colleagues if they break the terms of service within the position agreement within the security occupation of the foundation. He currently has standard level 2 security clearance as a Junior Agent. As of now, he knows very little about his security colleagues. Subject is abnormally quiet around other personnel. Examination must be needed to ensure no anomalous affects have taken place, with subject.

Security Locker Equipment : White Hazmat Suit, layered with an All Protection Kevlar vest, Thigh, Elbow, and Knee Pads, Black Combat Boots, Black Balaclava, Black helmet with a yellow visor; obscuring the eyes, an FN P90, and a Glock - 17, with Level 2 Security Clearance.


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