Agent Thornsmith is a level 3 Foundation agent.


Prior to acquisition, Thornsmith worked as a private investigator in █████████, ███. Employed though Recruitment Method 4-A, she is currently stationed at Site-███ as a level 3 agent. Thornsmith is currently a voluntary member of Mobile Task Force "Starving Artists," a unit working to locate the creators of SCP-151.

Personal LogsEdit


"Ran into Jae at Site-██. Turns out she was temporially staying there, too. We caught up with each other and Jae couldn't understand why I'd volunteered to joining the Task Force. I actually grew up where they found 151, and I personally knew a couple people who saw the painting before the Foundation contained it.

Some people say I want revenge-a lot of researchers think this is an Are We Cool Yet-esque case. I'm really just curious of its origins--not saying I wouldn't wanna meet the artists if that is the case."

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