(Note from the author: Previously OP (due to my lack of understanding concerning the SCP foundation itself). Working on making more realistic. No one escapes the foundation. Not ever.)

Seadrusamon Biolocken Tironem III
Insur CIFounder
Welcome to the Insurgency.
Nickname(s) Seadrus; Agent Seadrus Blackout; The Eighth Day; The Black Sun
Rank Biohazard Logo by ConspiracyofSilence Elite Operative
Orientation Head
One of the seven founders of the Insurgency
Insurgency Technician
Licensed Backstabber[1]
SergeantMajoroftheArmy Sergeant Major of CIF Cicuta
Affiliations Chao The Chaos Insurgency
Nationality USAResized United States
Status Alive
Hair Dark Green/White
Eyes Green/Dark Green
Race Caucasian
Weapon G36 (usually dual); M17
Equipment First Aid Kit, assorted weapons


  • The Master of the X-Sponge!
  • Welcome to the insurgency.
  • Did you just question MY authority?
  • Welcome, welcome. I'm in a funk.


Extra InformationEdit

  1. Who can you trust? Just know that it isn't this guy. 50/50 chance you'll get betrayed.