CODENAME: Agent Ross


ROLE: MTF Delta-21 Leader, Field Agent, Researcher

SITE#: Site-12 (When not in the field)

PHYSICAL FEATURES: Short male with blond hair and blue eyes. Very slim and fast.

PERSONALITY: Loud and sometimes anoying. Always sure of himself and is known to charge head first into battle.

DISCRIPTION: Agent (REDACTED) Ross joined the Foundation on (REDACTED) and joined Site-12 on (REDACTED). Following an SCP containment breach, Agent Ross helped to stop it by using SCP-(REDACTED) against itself. Due to his work during the breach, the then Level 2 researcher was promoted to level 3 clearence and given FIELD AGENT statis. On 10/23/16, Agent ross was involved with the containment of SCP- (REDACTED) with the help of newly formed Mobile Task Force Delta-21. After the containment was successful, the then Commander of MTF Delta-21 Dr. Geo was relocated due to a mental breakdown at Site-12's Training center, resulting in the deaths of 4 Security Agents. Due to the lack of leadership in the task force and the training he had recieved, Agent Ross was put in charge of MTF Delta-21. The team now opperates withen the state of Arizona in The United States of America.

SCP's Filed: SCP-(REDACTED), AO-TT and Site-2190.

Current Assignment: Researching Site-2190 in (REDACTED), AZ.

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