Mishi Gonglu

Mishi in her dorm, seconds after her usual one-hour nap.
Rank Agent
Affiliations SCP Foundation
Nationality Chinese
Status Active
Birth October 2nd, 19███
Sex Female
Height 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight Approx, 110 lbs
Build Physically fit and slender
Marks A singular scar on her cheek
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Race Eastern Asian
Weapon M9 Pistol w/ Suppressor, combat knife, dual grapple guns
AGENT MISHI GONGLU is an Agent working for the SCP Foundation. She doesn't reside in any one site, often being transferred when the time is needed for such. Currently, she is stationed at Site-█, sharing a dorm with MOBILE TASK FORCE OPERATIVE "SCARLET".

Background InformationEdit

As her birth certificate would have it, Mishi was born in Yunnan, China on October 2nd, 19█ to █ and █ Gonglu. As she described, Mishi's life with them was spent miserable, as discipline was extreme due to her parents' backgrounds (A Prostitute Mother and a Mugger Father) and violent nature. The atmosphere of her household was always tense; Her parents had punished her just for acting very slightly out of control, even showing emotion was met with harm. Because of this, she refuses to show much if any emotion in public or in private.

She had gotten involved in a moderate gang in her area, taking up self-taught martial arts lessons and practice, she claims that they bring money into the town with their combatting skills, and she wished to know more about these skills to further her own childhood dreams she left unmentioned. At age 19, she set off to the US with stolen money from her parents and worked as a maid until she could live on her own. She ended up joining the Foundation at age 23. (She is currently 32 years of age)

History with the FoundationEdit

Mishi had been involved in countless missions for the Foundation. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Raids on CI prisons.
  • Riot suppression (in extreme circumstances).
  • Recontaining certain SCPs.
  • Assassination of rogue Foundation personnel.
  • Elimination of civilians carrying the secrets of the Foundation.

Some of these missions were carried out with "SCARLET". Information regarding said missions is limited. Outside of the information given, Mishi's history with the Foundation isn't well-known.